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Sound OK Beats- Sound OK Beats Vol. 1

Sound OK Beats is a producer only project, consisting of Sez, Smokey the Ghost, Stunnah Beatz, Surya Sritharan, Earthgrime, Rjv Ernesto and ViV3K.
This is the first beat tape release, titled “Sound OK Beats Vol. 1”. The mixtape contains 8 tracks produced by different producers. Each one adding their own flavor to it.

This is what Nasir had to say, when we spoke to him about the project:

“Initiative started/taken at around May, all the producers chipped out a beat each. After a whole lot of delays and inactive patches, we finally put it out on 15th of September. The aim of us is to try and exercise as much liberty as possible in the production aspect and give a collective Bonobo or Pretty Lights type of output. Something that wouldn’t need words. The producers stepped in and it was coincidentally such that we had a variety already. I mean, all of us 8 were totally different in what we did. No 2 of us sounded the same. If you ask us, yes, we also wouldn’t refrain to be the Indian Anno Domini but the primary target would still be that of being a parallel entertainment center against the dearly hated Bollywood counterpart and IF possible, just grab the attention of the lost generation of ours to better thangs. Often I am attributed with being the founder of this, though, I feel everybody found it, because I alone can’t even find my fucking movie folder



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Earthgrime – Street Lights In The Sun [Album]


Album Cover for Street Lights in the Sun
Album Cover for Street Lights in the Sun


The “Street Lights In The Sun” project is the debut album of Abhimanyu Raman a.k.a Earthgrime of the Street Academics crew from Kerala. The album was produced mostly by Grime himself, with production collaborations with his mentor Rjv Ernesto, Sajeel Kapoor a.k.a Sez, Jishnu Sudarsan and several productions by independent producers like Sajeel Kapoor and Vilexistent.
Comprising 15 tracks, and all of them collaborations, with many of the best of the underground, the album has been able to lock into a unique soundset never before heard in the indian underground, comprising of genres as diverse as hip hop/R&B, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Electrorock, and trip hop.
The album has been released through Prototypal Records based in Hyderabad and run by Sameer Ul Haq a.k.a Philosameer of the erstwhile Soul’ace Crew.  The idea behind the making of this album was to bring together the best emcees and bring out a unique sound, all the while keeping lyricism in mind. Some of the names featured in the album include Fura , Microphon3, A-list, Dee MC, Maapla, Rjv Ernesto, Azuran, Poetik Justis, Youngsta Ash and a lot more.


You can buy “Street Lights in the Sun” from the following links:

Prototypal Records Official Bandcamp Page : prototypalrecords.bandcamp.com/

Prototypal Records Official Website:  prototypalrecords.com/releases/street-lights-in-the-sun/


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