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Poetik Justis-Takeover

"Takeover" by Poetik Justis
“Takeover” by Poetik Justis


Mumbai based MC Poetik Justis drops his latest track called “Takeover”. ¬†Poetik displays his insane flow and lyrical capabilities on this track, as he throws back to back punches on the “Control” beat. Beat changes to Eminem’s “Rap God” in the second half. “Takeover” is somewhat provoking in nature, just like “Control” and “Rap God”. Poetik also gives shoutouts to several veterans of the Indian underground Hip-Hop scene.

The track is a promo track from his upcoming project called “Greatness”, Which is scheduled to be released by July.

This is what Poetik had to say when we asked him about “Greatness”:
“I’ve been away for a long time, reinventing, innovating and polishing my skills and with this album I want to open up to the fans and all my supporters and give them a new Me. It will be nothing like LifeLines (my debut mixtape) and the album promises 2 major themes, greatness upon oneself, and greatness to the world.”

He further told us about the track “Takeover” :

“As to takeover, I felt like dropping the song JUST because I wanted to test myself a bit as far as skills are concerned, cuz I’ve been way too silent this past year just dropping one song ‘Genesis’ that came out a few months ago (scheduled to release with video this year).”

Poetik explained when we asked him about the messaged he intended to pass through this track:

“The message I really wanted to convey was basically to the new people ( and the new listeners) that come into Hip-Hop music and confuse it with something they think is easy to do, been seeing a lot of misconceptions around our music and wanted to remind them that lyrics and skill are still dominant parts of the music”.


You can listen to “Takeover” right here:


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