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OMI – Cheerleader (SIRI REMIX)

Bangalore based Rapper SIRI aka SIRIUS is back with her brand  new track. She did this amazing remix to “Cheerleader” by OMI. The track is accompanied by an equally amazing Video, which has been edited by Siri herself. Its an inspirational track, where Siri talks about how we have to keep going regardless of the situation. We spoke to Siri about the track and the video, and here is what Siri had to say about the song:

“Made this song to remind myself to keep going no matter the what situation I’m in is. It was hard for me to put this song out cause I’m putting a chunk of myself out to the world to hear me out, not knowing the response to it. But I’ve got a very kind response to the song which has encouraged me to do more and come out of my bitter place. I have stories to tell and more music to make! And a huge shout out to Nottotune for the person he is! He did the mix”

Connect with Siri:

Facebook: facebook.com/siriusblack.iris
Twitter: @verysirious
Instagram: instagram.com/this_is_sirius

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The Virtue of Solidarity Ft. Siri & DonnyJ


KRTK MUZK drops his first major collaboration after his transformation from KeepSake to KRTK MUZK. The track is called “The Virtue of Solidarity”, and features DonnyJ and Siri. The beat has been produced by Krtk Muzk as well. He has been really impressive as a producer lately. In addition to being one of the best hindi lyricists in the game, He is probably going to be one of the best Producers as well. Do check out this track, and let us know what you feel about this one.

Connect with Krtk Muzk :

Instagram: instagram.com/krtkmuzk
Twitter: @KrtkMuzk
Facebook: facebook.com/KrtkMuzk

Connect with Siri :
Facebook: facebook.com/siriusblack.iris
Instagram: instagram.com/this_is_sirius
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/siri-narayan-1

Twitter: @verysirious

Connect with DonnyJ :
Facebook: facebook.com/iamdonnyj
Instagram: instagram.com/realdonnyj

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/realdonnyj
Twitter: @realdonnyj

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“BeastMode” – Mumbai Till I Die | Mumbai’s Finest (Official Video)

Mumbai’s Finest Revives the Golden Era with ‘BeastMode’

Mumbai’s Finest has just released their new Album ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ and they have also dropped the first video ‘BeastMode’ . It is also an exclusive release with MTV Indies and is playing on regular rotation on TV.  BeastMode is a song that will appeal to every hip hop head because in today’s trap dominated hip hop world, it is an actual revival of the old school boom bap 90’s golden era.

The production by I’n’Stine is pure old school and the chorus and the verses compliment the same . The video is shot on an iphone 6 by Ninja and Ace and it features, ‘Beast Mode Crew’ which is an all styles urban hip hop crew. The video has B Boys, B Girls, Skateboarders, Bmxers etc and is a visual treat for every hip hop head.

“ We have made this as a dedication for Dj Premier for his 50th Birthday” , says I’n’Stine, the official producer. With the video giving such a genuine old school vibe, do you think this is the most Hip Hop Video India Has ever Seen?

Buy ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ here;

ArtistAloud.com : http://bit.ly/MumbaisFinest

Hungama.com : http://bit.ly/1RneHHM

iTunes India – http://apple.co/1PsYuMK

iTunes #International : http://apple.co/1ZvVarV

For more from Mumbai’s Finest:
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/mumbaisfinest/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/mumbaisfinest/
Soundcloud – https://www.soundcloud.com/mumbaisfinest/
Twitter & Instagram- @mumbaisfinest

For bookings and collaborations – mumbaisfinest@gmail.com

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R.A.P.E. | Harry Cheema | Lollievox

As an Artist, a sense of responsibilty against your listeners, your society, your fellow beings comes naturaly. Very few artists today realize and feel this but the one who does is true to his art.

Harry Cheema, a producer and rapper from Chandigarh speaks about the bitter truths of reality and asks the so called “men”
Are they really serving the purpose of why God made them? Instead of being a savior, he is constantly finding ways to tear her clothes apart. Be it with his hands or his eyes.

Harry Cheema talks about the pain that females have to go through, and what they have to bear for rest of their lives. He is one of the few artists to understand their responsibility and raise a voice.

Facebook: facebook.com/HarryCheemaMusic
Twitter: @cheema_harmeet
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/harrycheema
Instagram: instagram.com/iamcheema


Official Website: lollievox.com
Facebook: facebook.com/LollieVoxOfficial
Twitter: @Lollievox
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/laurie-webb

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Emcee Dappear – ” Within Me” [Video]

After a gap of few months now, Emce Dappear is back with his brand new music video. The track is called “Within Me”. According to Emcee Dappear, “the name says it all, its about the struggles, ups and downs which every individual faces in their lives, from fables to optimistic life standard, the song says it all.”

The track is produced by SEZ (Sapno Ki Nagri),  and the music video is done by Romi Kahlon and Cigga.


MC Dappear on Facebook: MC Dappear
MC Dappear on Twitter: @Darpansharma90

Sez on Facebook: facebook.com/iamsez

Sez on Twitter: @SapnoKiNagri



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Ibex – You ain’t no G [Official Video]

Ibex – You ain’t no G [Official Video]

Mumbai based hip-hop artist Ibex drops his latest music video. The track is called “You ain’t no G”. the track already made a buzz on the internet. Ibex used a beat by Grandmaster flash & the furious five for the track. The video has been shot and edited by Osaretin Oghomwen, who is based in USA. The track & video are about addressing the issue of Indian rappers trying to act gangsta in their tracks. Whereas the scenario is totally different in India.


Ibex’s Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/Ibex3



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Dee MC – “Talk My Way” [Prod. By Kru172] (Official Video)

Talk My Way

Mumbai based rapper Deepa unnikrishnan a.k.a. Dee MC just dropped her brand new video. The track is called “Talk My way”. This track has been produced by the duo Kru172.
This video has been shot by D’evil of MunkyRhymes, and audio has been recorded by IceBoul. “Talk My Way” is also the very first video of Dee MC, after she got a lots of recognition and appreciation for her previous tracks “Apologize” and “No Static”.

You can catch Dee MC at following links:

Dee MC on facebook: facebook.com/DeeMCOfficial

Dee MC on Youtube: youtube.com/TheDeeMCOfficial


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Enkore – My Song

Enkore – My Song

Fresh off of winning the Radio City Freedom Award for ‘People’s Choice Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist’ (click here) for 2013, Enkore, hailing from Mumbai is back with a new song, soulful and jazzy in equal parts.

‘My Song’ has Enkore rapping over an instrumental produced by The Synthesis, as he thinks aloud about breaking up – but yet not being able to let go. The lyrics video for ‘My Song’ was crafted by Asad Ali, aka JoblessMe.

Scheduled to be put out a day later, Enkore preponed the release of his newest offering when he found out that the support of his listeners had won him his first award.

The Radio City Freedom Awards are held by one of India’s top 2 radio stations ‘Radio City’ and honour the best Indie musicians from all over the country.

It’s a great feeling to know that it’s purely based on support, this award, and listeners have felt me worthy to win this. Shout out to Mo Boucher as well who killed it on the song! This is an achievement, but I haven’t achieved anything yet, time to keep pushin – be ready for some new stuff after ‘My Song’ too!” says Enkore.

The track is available for free download on Enkore’s soundcloud.

Enkore On Net:


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Wizy Manuels – “One More Time” [Official Music Video]

Check Out The Brand New Music Video “One More Time” By New Delhi Based Rapper Wizy Manuels Released Under Cessa Records. The Track Is Produced By Sagar & Mixed By Wizy Himself. The Video Directed By Kru172 Member Nottotune. Check It Out!


Wizy Manuels on Facebook: Wizy Manuels

Cessa Records on Facebook: Cessa Records

Nottotune on Facebook: Nottotune

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Emcee Dappear – Ki Main Kara [Official Video]

Ki Main Kara

One of the most promising underground rapper from Delhi, Emcee Dappear drops his brand new music video ” Ki Main Kara “. The track is based on the real life story of Emcee Dappear, from his school life to college life to his musical journey. On the first verse he talks about his school life. On the second verse he talks about his college life, and in the last verse he talks about his musical journey.

The video is pretty simple but effective, and nicely composed. Video has been directed by Cigga, and edited by Romy Kahlon. You can reach Emcee Dappear on following links.

Emcee Dappear on Facebook: Emcee Dappear

Emcee Dappear on Twitter: @darpansharma90


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