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#SUNNO 20-16 Bars Challenge


Ghauri is back with the #Sunno Bars 20-16 Challenge. This one is surely going to be interesting, considering that the last one was a success. This time Ghauri got two beats for y’all instead of one, and we have a new set of rules.  Read the steps below to participate.

Its finally here #Sunno 20-16 Bars Challenge. follow bellow steps in order to enter this challenge

Step 1 : Download and Choose any of beat.
Step 2 : Grab a mobile phone and record yourself rapping over the beats provided LIVE.
Step 3 : Tag a rapper at the end of the video who you wanna challenge/call out to rip this beat.

That’s it and just submit back that video on any of my social media pages or share on your profile tag #Sunno2016Bars and we will find that entry. Good luck everyone

Download Beat pack at :
Link 1 : http://bit.ly/2eRVTSN
Link 2 : http://bit.ly/2ffBbzq

Individual Beats download
FIRE : https://theartistunion.com/tracks/a21507
COLD : https://theartistunion.com/tracks/9b17d8

Social Links :
FACEBOOK: https://web.facebook.com/BCLBlade
TWEET: https://twitter.com/bclblade
INSTA : https://instagram.com/bclblade
SOUNDCLOUD: https://Soundcloud.com/bclblade

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FreeVerse – D’Evil

FreeVerse features some of the finest MCs from the Indian underground rap world.

This episode features one half of ‘MUNKY RHYMZ’, Dhaval Parab aka D’EVIL, freestyling.

D’Evil on Facebook: facebook.com/devilmumbai

Freeverse Project on Facebook: facebook.com/freeverseproject

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FreeVerse – Enkore ft. Manas Ullas


FreeVerse features some of the finest MCs from the Indian underground rap world, performing completely improvised freestyle rap.

This edition features Ankur Johar aka Enkore with beats by Manas Ullas from ViceVersa.

Enkore: facebook.com/thisisenkore

Manas: facebook.com/ViceVersanation

Freeverse Project: facebook.com/freeverseproject



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FreeVerse – Brodha V


FreeVerse features some of the finest MCs from the Indian underground rap world, performing completely improvised freestyle rap.
One camera, one MC.Produced by Okay Potato, we here are big rap fans, along with other music. We have been covering the rock and metal and electro scene since some time now,but never knew about the rap scene here in India, until we once covered a rap open mic night, and were blown away by some of the MCs and the spirit shown by these rappers.we decided to do this to purely showcase these hidden underground rappers, and hoping rap music and rappers get taken as seriously as rap hip hop djs.

This edition features Brodha V

Brodha V on Facebook: facebook.com/BrodhaV

Okay Potato on Facebook: facebook.com/okaypotato


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Osama Com Laude – “Rack City” [Freemix]

Check Out Osama Com Laude’s FreeMix On Tyaga’s Original Track “Rack City”. Osama Com Laude Giving The Beat A Different Feel. Make Sure Ya’ll Check This One Out!

Osama Com Laude On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/oclmusic
Osama Com Laude On Twitter : https://www.Facebook.com/OsamaComLaude

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“The Light and The Dark” – 2ShadeZ [DRS Jam Sessions]

2ShadeZ in DRS Studios for a Jam Session this time. This is the 3rd video in the “DRS Jam Sessions” series. Slyck droppin some dope verses in english and then hindi, and ZaN bustin a freestyle at the end and bringin it alive.Official 2shadez website : 2Shadez.com 
2Shadez on facebook : facebook.com/2shadez

DRS on facebook : facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow 
DRS on Twitter : @DesiRapperShow

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