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PROBLEMS-moJo & G Frekey (Desi Beam)

MOJO and G-FREKEY from Desi Beam have released their brand new video. The track is called “Problems”, and it deals with the everyday struggle in the life of today’s youth. The beat has been produced by Snappy. Video has been directed by Desi Beam’s G Frekey, and edited by MojoArt.

Connect with Desi Beam:



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Northside | Desi Beam Feat. Shevy – Official Video

Northside | Desi Beam Feat. Shevy – Official Video

Desi Beam is back with a bang!
After a gap of 3 years, they are back with “Northside”. Its the first video to feature the whole Desi Beam crew, since 2012’s “Panga”. The beat has been produced by Snappy, and it features Shevy on the hook.  The video shows all the Desi Beam members coming together and doing a house party.

The music video has been directed by Desi Beam.
Do let us know your views about the track.

Desi Beam : facebook.com/desibeamofficial

G Frekey : facebook.com/G-Frekey-DesiBeam
Mojo : https://www.facebook.com/immoJo
Guru : facebook.com/thisisrealguru
Pardhaan : facebook.com/mainPARDHAAN
Shevy : facebook.com/TheReal7Days
Snappy : facebook.com/SNAPPYofficial


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Straight From The Streets (Free Verses)-Hell boy , G Frekey , Snappy

G-Frekey from Desi Beam along with Snappy Boii, and Hellboy, just dropped a brand new Track.  The track is titled “Straight from the streets (Free Verses)”, The Video is directed by G-Frekey himself, Editing and VFX by MojoArt.

The track has been produced by Mohali based producer Snappy Boii.

Here is what G-Frekey had to say when we spoke to him about the track:

“The track was completely unplanned. One day we were in the studio with snappy boii, and we happened to come up with the track in just one day. There is no hook, its just some free verses, straight bars, its for the streets. Even the video is just us fooling around like we do. Another interesting fact about the video is that it has been shot completely with a Sony Xperia Smartphone.”

Connect with the artists on Facebook:

G-Frekey: Click Here

Snappy Boii: Click Here

Hellboy: Click Here

MojoArt: Click Here

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G-Frekey- Holi Shyt [Feat. Sir Manny]

Holi Shyt

Desi Beam member G Frekey drops a surprise on Holi. On the festival of colors, G-Frekey brings to you “Holi Shyt”. As the name suggests, the track is all about Holi, the festival of colors. The track is produced by Sir Manny. Sir Manny is the man behind G-Frekey’s first hit solo “Desi Desi”. The track was made within a day, and describes all the crazy stuff youngsters want to do on holi.

G Frekey on Facebook: G-Frekey-aka-Shikari

G Frekey on Twitter: @gfrekeyaka25

Listen to the track here:

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G Frekey – Direct Gall Baat [Official Video]

G Frekey – Direct Gall Baat [Official Video]

G Frekey drops his new video “Direct Gall baat” The track has been produced by Daksh Baghi [Big Boom Muzik]. The video has been directed by Bigg Slim [Ill Heaven Films]. This is one hardcore track, with no hook, and one long verse, where frekey seems to be taking shots at a rival. If you are a gangsta rap listener, this track is for you.

G Frekey on Facebook: G Frekey A.K.A. Shikari

Big Boom Muzik on Facebook: Facebook.com/BigBoomMuzic


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“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions is back once again. This time its “Dilli Te Mohali connection”. Mohali’s own G-Frekey (Desi Beam / One Commission) & Bigg Slim (Big Boom Music) team up with Bangaal & JB (Nau Sau Bai) from  New Delhi to bring out the brand new Jam Session named “Jawaab Ni Saada”. Its a mostly punjabi jam session, with a twist of bengali in between. Check this jam session, as Emcees spit back to back verses on an old skool sample, Produced by J. DePina.
An interesting thing, also is G-Frekey’s verse on the jam session. The verse has been creating lots of buzz. It has been a topic of discussion, as it seems directed at one particular person, apparently a rival MC. Y’all gotta figure that out.

Subscribe to DRS TV on youtube: youtube.com/DRSofficial

Desi Beam on Facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Nau Sau Bai on Facebook: facebook.com/Go922


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Desi Beam – “Panga” [Official Video]

Chandigarh’s finest Rap collective, Desi Beam is back with a bang. After their highly acclaimed collaboration with Bohemia, which was a massive hit, they are back with their new track called “Panga”. The track is produced by Desi Beam’s own “Daa Parv”, and features verses from Guru (Yung Hni), Pardhaan, Mojo and G-Frekey. Check the video out. Its a must watch.

Desi Beam on facebook : facebook.com/desibeamofficial

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Desi Beam – “Panga [Bera Na Paatega]” | [Teaser]

Check Out Desi Beam’s Brand New Teaser Of Their Upcoming Music Video “Panga [Bera Na Paatega]” , This One Is Dedicated To All The G’s & Hustlers Out There. Trust Me You Can’t Afford To Miss This Insane Teaser. Official Music Video Coming Up Till Then Spread


Desi Beam On Facebook : www.facebook.com/desibeamofficial
Virtual Vision On Facebook : www.facebook.com/virtualvisionstudios
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“Just Messin’ Around ” [DRS Jam Sessions] – GD Singh, G Frekey, Big Slim & Kru172

GD Singh, G Frekey, Big Slim & Kru172, just havin fun at the DRS Studios, and droppin some random verses. The video gets interesting towards the end as GD Singh drops a killer freestyle.
DRS Jam sessions, brought to you by DRS TV.

GD Singh Facebook Fanpage : Click Here
Desi Beam (G Frekey) facebook Fanpage : Click Here
Kru172 on Facebook : Click Here

DRS facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow
DRS on Twitter : http://twitter.com/DesiRapperShow
DRS On Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/DRSOfficial

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G Frekey Presents ” GanJ-Ha ” – The Mixtape

Mxtape : GanJ-Ha

Artist :

Released :

Format : CD & Download Link

Genre : Desi Hip/Hop

Number Of Tracks : 15

Album Duration :

Production/Label : Daa Parv

Price : 50 Rupees

Album Track List :

2. Daaru – Aakashdeep , G Frekey & Slyck

3. Watcha Looking At – 2-Shades & MoJo

4. Pyaar Kitta – 7 Days & Mohit

5. Takdeeran – Daa Parv , V.I.C Crack & DJ Danny

6. Grindin Grindin – 2-Shades , M.K & Nottie

7. Let My Swag On (Remix) – MoJo , G Frekey & Pardhaan

8. 3 Verses – M-Donk Featuring P.B 11

9. M Ridin (Remix) – 2Shades Featuring MoJo

10. Blazin Love (Remix) – Undefined Power Featuring V.I.C Crack & DJ Danny

11. Like A G6 – MoJo & G Frekey

12. Supa-Man – G Frekey

13. Shawty Wanna Ride (Next Level) – 7 Days

14. Love Is Gone – Daa Parv , Nottie , Sahiba , Zan & GD – Singh

15. Outro – Carless Boy

GanJ-Ha – The Mixtape Is A Mixture Of Desi & Urban Beats . The Productions Are Done By The Best Underground Producers , Producers Like : Daa Parv , Nottotune . It Features The Vocals Of Artists Like ” Aakashdeep , Desi Beam , 2 Shades , 7 Days , Mohit , V.I.C Crack , DJ Danny , M.K , M-Donk , P.B 11 , Undefined Power , Sahiba & GD – Singh .
If You Are A Desi Hip/Hop Lover – The Mixtape Is The Perfect Thing For You . The Mixtape Is Available – All Over The World , Through A Free Internet Download Link . Support The Mixtape By Downloading & Spreading The Music .

Click Here To Download The Mixtape

The Official Facebook Page Of The Mixtape

If anybody needs a Labelled Jewel Case CD for the mixtape, please contact G-Frekey

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