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“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

Rapper / Producer GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper has dropped his brand new single. The track is called “What’s Yo Numba ?”, and features Nottotune from Kru172 on the last verse. The track has been produced by GD Singh himself. It is all about GD Singh and Nottotune asking girls for their phone numbers in a rather funny manner. Another special thing about this track is the unique lyrics video which features GD Singh & Nottotune’s animated faces along with the lyrics on screen. The track is available for free download.


Click Here



Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper

Twitter: @dasikhrapper



Facebook: facebook.com/Kru172
Twitter: @Kru172Music

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GD $ingh – Menu Koi Ni Pehchanda

This track is yet another release from GD $ingh’s upcoming mixtape, “Aiwen Hi (Just Like That)” and it’s about GD $ingh and how he wants himself to stay grounded. Through his time in the industry he started getting overwhelmed with all the hype, but he kept telling himself 1 thing, “Haje mera naam ni koi, Haje menu koi ni pehchanda”. The is fast paced Punjabi rap with a unique flow and no hook, PLAIN OL’ LYRICS. Enjoy!

GD $ingh on Facebook : facebook.com/thesikhrapper GD $ingh on Twitter : @dasikhrapper

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GD Singh on DRS TV

GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper on DRS TV, prior to a recording session along with TAV giving a shoutout to DRS TV, and talking about his upcoming projects, his mixtape “Avien Hi (Just Like That)”, and TAV’s upcoming track “The Blind Voice”.
GD Singh is se to release “What’s Yo Numba” from his mixtape soon, along with a possible video to be released later on.

GD Singh on facebook : facebook.com/thesikhrapper
GD Singh on Twitter : @dasikhrapper

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Din Raat – GD Singh Feat. G-Grip

“Din Raat” is the 1st Pre-release off GD $ingh’s Upcoming mixtape, “Aiwen Hi (Just Like That)”. The track desribes the hustle of talented underground artists such as GD $ingh himself and G-Grip with whome he’s collaborating on this track. The track also gives some insight to personal experience by GD $ingh. Ready for anything, Working day and night. All the Pre-Releases and the mixtape itself are gonna be exclusively released on DRS.com. Mixtape includes wide variety of underground, mainstream, indian and nigerian artists such as Wizy, Craig, Nottotune, Ittefaq, G-Grip, Deep SYnc.

Download Track : Click Here

GD $ingh on Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper
G-Grip on Facebook: facebook.com/ggriprapper

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GD Singh – Sohni-YaY

GD Singh AKA Gaggy / Da Sikh Rapper Presents – SOHNI-YAY !

Sohni YaY Is Diss Track To All The Girls Who Control A “Gabhru” In A Relation. The Listeners
Loved The Craziness Of The Track For Which The Artist GD-Singh , Is Known . The Track Has Already Recieved A Lot Of Appreciateness Guys & Some Girls Too . This Track Is The Artist’s First Solo , First Full Length PUNJABI Rap . A Lotta Guys Are Into The #YaY Movement , Which Has To Be YaY And Not Scared To Get Out Of A Relation If Your Being Controlled .

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G Frekey Presents ” GanJ-Ha ” – The Mixtape

Mxtape : GanJ-Ha

Artist :

Released :

Format : CD & Download Link

Genre : Desi Hip/Hop

Number Of Tracks : 15

Album Duration :

Production/Label : Daa Parv

Price : 50 Rupees

Album Track List :

2. Daaru – Aakashdeep , G Frekey & Slyck

3. Watcha Looking At – 2-Shades & MoJo

4. Pyaar Kitta – 7 Days & Mohit

5. Takdeeran – Daa Parv , V.I.C Crack & DJ Danny

6. Grindin Grindin – 2-Shades , M.K & Nottie

7. Let My Swag On (Remix) – MoJo , G Frekey & Pardhaan

8. 3 Verses – M-Donk Featuring P.B 11

9. M Ridin (Remix) – 2Shades Featuring MoJo

10. Blazin Love (Remix) – Undefined Power Featuring V.I.C Crack & DJ Danny

11. Like A G6 – MoJo & G Frekey

12. Supa-Man – G Frekey

13. Shawty Wanna Ride (Next Level) – 7 Days

14. Love Is Gone – Daa Parv , Nottie , Sahiba , Zan & GD – Singh

15. Outro – Carless Boy

GanJ-Ha – The Mixtape Is A Mixture Of Desi & Urban Beats . The Productions Are Done By The Best Underground Producers , Producers Like : Daa Parv , Nottotune . It Features The Vocals Of Artists Like ” Aakashdeep , Desi Beam , 2 Shades , 7 Days , Mohit , V.I.C Crack , DJ Danny , M.K , M-Donk , P.B 11 , Undefined Power , Sahiba & GD – Singh .
If You Are A Desi Hip/Hop Lover – The Mixtape Is The Perfect Thing For You . The Mixtape Is Available – All Over The World , Through A Free Internet Download Link . Support The Mixtape By Downloading & Spreading The Music .

Click Here To Download The Mixtape

The Official Facebook Page Of The Mixtape

If anybody needs a Labelled Jewel Case CD for the mixtape, please contact G-Frekey

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Love is gone (Prod. Daa Parv)

Hot new single featuring Nottie from Kru172 taking it to the next level with 2 verses, Zan from 2Shades ripping it and Gaggy “Da Sikh Rapper” A.K.A. GD Singh showing how it’s done and the sizzling new voice Sahiba.
Real Talk,this track focusses on watever is goin around in the world today.
Show your support and like it if u feel the vibe.

Track : Love is Gone
Vocals : GD Singh, Zan, Nottie
Chorus by : Sahiba
Prod. by : Daa Parv.
Download Link : Click here to Download

Artist Links :

Official GD Singh Facebook Fanpage : Click here to Visit
2Shades Official Facebook Fanpage : Click Here to Visit
Kru172 Official Facebook Fanpage : Click here to Visit

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Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper-Buniyad

Track : Buniyad
Artist : Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper AKA GD Singh
Prod. by : ADX (922 Nau Sau Bai)

Some Real Talk by Gaggy Da Sikh rapper, on this hardcore desi hiphop track, Produced by ADX from Nau Sau Bai.
Listen to it,and drop in your valuable feedbacks.

Facebook : Gaggy AKA Da Sikh Rapper on Facebook

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Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper Live @ Lovely Professional University

Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper performing live @ Lovely Professional University Jallandhar.
Gaggy performing his track “Buniyad”, produced by ADX, along with some freestyle verses.
A really impressive performance by Da Sikh Rapper.he is one underground artist to look for.

check his performance out, and drop in your feedbacks.

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