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Checkmate [DRS Jam Sessions] – Cash Kards & GD Singh


DRS Jam sessions is back with a brand new episode. This time its Cash Kards teaming up with GD Singh for “Checkmate”. It has been filmed by Harry Cheema in Chandigarh.

The beat has been produced by Cash kardz aka MC Fresco. Check this video out, as Cash Kardz and GD Singh drop back to back verses in English & Punjabi.


Cash Kardz:

Facebook: facebook.com/cashkardzofficial
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/cash-kardz
Youtube: Fresco muzzikk

GD Singh:

Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper
Twitter: twitter.com/dasikhrapper
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dasikhrapper
Instagram: instagram.com/dasikhrapper
Youtube: youtube.com/dasikhrapper


Website: desirappershow.com
Twitter: @DesiRapperShow
Instagram: @DesiRapperShow
Facebook: facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow


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“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

Rapper / Producer GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper has dropped his brand new single. The track is called “What’s Yo Numba ?”, and features Nottotune from Kru172 on the last verse. The track has been produced by GD Singh himself. It is all about GD Singh and Nottotune asking girls for their phone numbers in a rather funny manner. Another special thing about this track is the unique lyrics video which features GD Singh & Nottotune’s animated faces along with the lyrics on screen. The track is available for free download.


Click Here



Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper

Twitter: @dasikhrapper



Facebook: facebook.com/Kru172
Twitter: @Kru172Music

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Who’s That – T.A.V, GD Singh ft. Harnav Bir Singh

Who’s That – T.A.V, GD Singh ft. Harnav Bir Singh

Artists: T.A.V, GD Singh ft. Harnav Bir Singh
Music: T.A.V
Album: Eternal Keys

Direction: Sharan Art
Cinematography: Jaspreet Singh
Editor:  Harvinder Singh
Song – Who’s That
The song was inspired on an idea to change how Sikhs are interpreted in society and shows a different image of Sikhs.
Although the track circles around Sikhism, the message is to say that we are spiritual beings just like all other beings.
It promotes equality and spiritualism instead of promoting the religion itself.

T.A.V – Rapper / Producer / Sound Engineer from Ludhiana, Punjab. Also the Man behind Artusion Records.

GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper – one of the illest Punjabi & English rappers of Indian Hip Hop.

Harnav Bir Singh – famous as international fashion photographer, has worked with artists like Bohemia, Jazzy B, Diljit Dosanjh.

T.A.V produced the beat around 2 years ago and wanted other sikh rappers to step in, who else would have killed the beat other than Da Sikh Rapper himself.
Both started dropping their bars and in multiple iterations streched over a period of 1 year. Addition of Harnav Bir Singh’s part was result of a fun jamming session at T.A.V Tunes. The track was cooked to become part of T.A.V’s upcoming commercial debut ‘Eternal Keys’ releasing under Artusion Records.

Eternal Keys consists of 7 tracks with variety of genres, Hip Hop being the most dominated.
Other artists featured on Eternal Keys: Mandeep Sethi, Padam Syan, Jassimran Keer & giElee

Artusion Records – fusion of arts
Record Label founded by T.A.V to promote new talent in new genres & different art forms (unrecognized by existing labels.
Team of Artusion Records consists of artists, musicians, marketing & business professions and is determined to bring waves in the music industry globally.

Music Video
Video was shot mostly in Ludhiana and surrounding areas, it was Sharan Art’s 1st music video as director who is known more for his mind blowing digital paintings.

Artist Links:
Artusion Records – artusionrecords.com
T.A.V – facebook.com/tavofficial
GD Singh – facebook.com/dasikhrapper

Sharan Art: https://www.facebook.com/imsharanart

Harnav Bir Singh: https://www.facebook.com/HBSphotography



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Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape

 Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape
Artist : Various Artists
Released : 03/06/2012
Genre : Desi Hip Hop   
Number Of Tracks : 11

01. Keda Ni Janda – Pardhaan (Desi Beam) & JB (922)
02. Vicinity Killers – Enkore (MunkyRhymez)
03. Play it Loud – Kru172
04. Ghatak – Shady
05. Chakk Fatte – GD Singh Feat. ADX
06. Underground Affair – D’Evil
07. Piche Piche Aake – Rob-C & N-Gritz / Lovepreet
08. Super Supastar – MC Feral
09. Break the Rules – 2Shadez
10. O.M.F.S. – Ittefaq A.K.A. 99 Clips
11. Amaar Zindagi – Bangal Feat. Nau Sau Bai

Bonus Tracks:
01. Love Ho Gaya – Desi Playaaz
02. Kudi Freaky Freaky – Nau Sau Bai

Adx drops his very first Mixtape “BreakOut – Biggest Indian Mixtape” featuring some of the best Indian MCs covering lyrics written in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi and Bengali.

According to Adx, BreakOut, is not just a mixtape its a state of mind.

“There are too many talented people out there who hardly get a chance to come out of their shell and grow, this is them breaking out and growing.

I have heard big producers ignoring/rejecting/wasting talented artists, making them wait endlessly, but once i witnessed the same myself i decided not to be a loser and took matter into my own hands and that is when i Broke Out.

The sole concept of putting out this mixtape is to get the featured artists the audience they would never reach otherwise.

This is the beginning of a movement, a Battallion of Desi Hip-Hop is born in India, by Indians. I hope to make a better world for Desi Hip-Hop and its Artists, towards a better future.
One Love!”

In total, BreakOut has 11 tracks featuring artists like Pardhaan(Desi Beam), 2-Shadez, Bangal, Enkore, Kru172 etc.

There are two Bonus tracks on the tape. First one featuring “Desi Playaz” of “Chal Jhoothi” fame singing a groovy club track titled “Love Ho Gaya”

and 2nd song “Kudi Freaky Freaky” is a cover track by Nau Sau Bai of Panjabi MC’s remix “Freaky Like That” from The Raj album, originally sung by Yung Texxus.

Nau Sau Bai also have a new video lined up for release for their 1st Single after their split from their previous production house, the track is titled “Akh Vich Radke”.

Download the mixtape here : Click to download
Alternate Download Link : Click here to download

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GD Singh Performing Live “Menu Koi Ni Pehchanda” At Lovely Professional University

Check Out GD Singh Also Known As Da Sikh Rapper Performing Live “Menu Koi Ni Pehchanda” At Lovely Professional University On A Rap Competition “The Rapster” , Which He Went On To WIN And Capture The Title Of THE BEST RAPPER In LPU! 1st Place , Nothing But The Best.
GD Singh On Facebook : www.facebook.com/thesikhrapper
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GD $ingh – Menu Koi Ni Pehchanda

This track is yet another release from GD $ingh’s upcoming mixtape, “Aiwen Hi (Just Like That)” and it’s about GD $ingh and how he wants himself to stay grounded. Through his time in the industry he started getting overwhelmed with all the hype, but he kept telling himself 1 thing, “Haje mera naam ni koi, Haje menu koi ni pehchanda”. The is fast paced Punjabi rap with a unique flow and no hook, PLAIN OL’ LYRICS. Enjoy!

GD $ingh on Facebook : facebook.com/thesikhrapper GD $ingh on Twitter : @dasikhrapper

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GD Singh on DRS TV

GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper on DRS TV, prior to a recording session along with TAV giving a shoutout to DRS TV, and talking about his upcoming projects, his mixtape “Avien Hi (Just Like That)”, and TAV’s upcoming track “The Blind Voice”.
GD Singh is se to release “What’s Yo Numba” from his mixtape soon, along with a possible video to be released later on.

GD Singh on facebook : facebook.com/thesikhrapper
GD Singh on Twitter : @dasikhrapper

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Din Raat – GD Singh Feat. G-Grip

“Din Raat” is the 1st Pre-release off GD $ingh’s Upcoming mixtape, “Aiwen Hi (Just Like That)”. The track desribes the hustle of talented underground artists such as GD $ingh himself and G-Grip with whome he’s collaborating on this track. The track also gives some insight to personal experience by GD $ingh. Ready for anything, Working day and night. All the Pre-Releases and the mixtape itself are gonna be exclusively released on DRS.com. Mixtape includes wide variety of underground, mainstream, indian and nigerian artists such as Wizy, Craig, Nottotune, Ittefaq, G-Grip, Deep SYnc.

Download Track : Click Here

GD $ingh on Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper
G-Grip on Facebook: facebook.com/ggriprapper

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Ain’t No Way (Yashiyan) – TAV, Wizy Manuels, GD Singh, Deep Sync, Craig Prins

“Ain’t No Way” is a Collaboration Hip Hop track from Lovely Professional University’s official LPU Music album. This track is produced by Tav, and features TAV, Wizy Manuels, Deep Sync, Craig Prins & GD $ingh on the Vocals. The track is a unique collaboration between rappers from two different continents, featuring 2 rappers from Nigeria, 3 from Punjab.

According to the track’s producer TAV, “The Beat of the track is resemblance to UK Garage Genre. Music on it reflects the today’s Hip Hop trends with the lil essence of Hip Hop & Pop fusion. This is why this track attenuates the margin between Underground & Mainstream Hip Hop”
The track is about the everyday lifestyle of LPU Students, and is a combination of English and Punjabi rap.

Catch all the artists on facebook :

Tavleen Singh (TAV) 
GD $ingh
Deep Sync
 Craig Prins
Wizy Manuels

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“Just Messin’ Around ” [DRS Jam Sessions] – GD Singh, G Frekey, Big Slim & Kru172

GD Singh, G Frekey, Big Slim & Kru172, just havin fun at the DRS Studios, and droppin some random verses. The video gets interesting towards the end as GD Singh drops a killer freestyle.
DRS Jam sessions, brought to you by DRS TV.

GD Singh Facebook Fanpage : Click Here
Desi Beam (G Frekey) facebook Fanpage : Click Here
Kru172 on Facebook : Click Here

DRS facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow
DRS on Twitter : http://twitter.com/DesiRapperShow
DRS On Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/DRSOfficial

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