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Northside | Desi Beam Feat. Shevy – Official Video

Northside | Desi Beam Feat. Shevy – Official Video

Desi Beam is back with a bang!
After a gap of 3 years, they are back with “Northside”. Its the first video to feature the whole Desi Beam crew, since 2012’s “Panga”. The beat has been produced by Snappy, and it features Shevy on the hook.  The video shows all the Desi Beam members coming together and doing a house party.

The music video has been directed by Desi Beam.
Do let us know your views about the track.

Desi Beam : facebook.com/desibeamofficial

G Frekey : facebook.com/G-Frekey-DesiBeam
Mojo : https://www.facebook.com/immoJo
Guru : facebook.com/thisisrealguru
Pardhaan : facebook.com/mainPARDHAAN
Shevy : facebook.com/TheReal7Days
Snappy : facebook.com/SNAPPYofficial


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TBP India | Pardhaan, SETI X, Guru


TBP India | Pardhaan, SETI X, Guru

That’s right, this week TeamBackPack is coming straight outta India! Don’t sleep on this international movement, Pardhann, Guru and long time friend Seti X bring some powerful bars to the stage. Don’t know the language, no problem just click “CC” on the lower righthand side on the video player to turn on subtitles!

– Via TeamBackPack.net

TeamBackPack Cyphers is back with a brand new CYPHER. This time from India. Featuring Desi Beam‘s own Guru and Pardhaan, along with Seti X, these guys put India on the map, representing India in the most reputed Cypher series in the world. The video has been filmed by DRS TV Film Crew, the same crew responsible for filming the DRS Jam Sessions Series.


Pardhaan: facebook.com/mainPARDHAAN
SETI X: facebook.com/SETIX333
Guru: facebook.com/thisisrealguru 



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ZINDAGI-Guru Feat. Pardhaan & SETI X [Official Video]

Punjabi rapper Guru has made a comeback after a long gap with his brand new music video. The track is called “Zindagi (National Stock Exchange)”, and it features Pardhaan and Mandeep Sethi A.K.A. SETI X. The track has been produced by Prabh Dhimaan (PDM). The video has been edited by Nottotune of Kru172.

In this track, Guru  is trying to explain the ups and downs of the life, and compares it to the national exchange, in terms of ups and downs. Mandeep Sethi and Pardhaan drop some heavy bars on the track.



SETI X: https://www.fb.com/setix333

Pardhaan: https://www.fb.com/aslipardhaan

Prabh Dhimaan (PDM):https://www.fb.com/prabhdhimaanmusic

Nottotune: https://www.fb.com/nottotune


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Guru & Lucky-Ikk Duni Do


Kru172’s Lucky collaborates with Guru from Desi Beam for the first time, on this track called “Ikk Duni Do”. The track is produced by Kru172’s Nottotune. Its got Guru on the 1st verse & the hook, and Lucky on the 2nd verse. The track has an old skool vibe to it. Nottotune adds a bit of desi flavour towards the end. Check out this Hip-Hop banger as Kru172 meets Desi Beam for one more time.

You can listen to the track here:

Download Link: Click Here


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Guru & Lucky – Ikk Duni Do [Audio Teaser]

Guru & Lucky: Ikk Duni Do [Audio Teaser]

Guru from Desi Beam & Lucky from Kru172 have dropped the audio teaser for their upcoming collaboration “Ikk Duni Do”. The full track would be released soon along with a possible video. The track has been produced by Nottotune of Kru172. The beat has an old skool east coast vibe to it. This teaser is Lucky’s first release since “Only 19” music video, and Guru’s first release since “Sajna Ve Sajna” video. Both Guru and Lucky told DRS TV that they have been working on brand new projects, which would be out in future.

You can catch Guru & Lucky on following Links:


Desi Beam Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/desibeamofficial
Guru’s Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/gurudesibeam
Guru’s Official Twitter: @ThisIsGuru

Lucky / Nottotune:

Kru172 Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/Kru172
Kru172 Official Twitter: @Kru172Music
Nottotune’s Official Twitter: @nottotune


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“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Official Video]

“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Official Video]

After getting an amazing response to the teaser, Guru from Desi Beam drops the full video of his brand new single “Sajna ve Sajna”. The video features appearance by Vocalist Amrita Rana along with Guru. The track has been produced by Daa Parv. Video has been directed by Guru himself along with Nottotune, and Edited by Nottotune. Sajna Ve Sajna is the comeback single of Guru, after his long absense from the music scene.


Desi Beam’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Guru’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/gurudesibeam

Daa Parv’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/daaparv

Amrita Rana’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/AmritaRanaOfficial

Nottotune on Twitter: @nottotune


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“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Teaser]

“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Teaser]

One Commission member Guru (Formerly known as Yung Hni ) from Desi Beam, drops the teaser for his long awaited track “Sajna Ve Sajna”. The track features vocals by superbly talented vocalist Amrita Rana, who also features in the video. Amrita Rana has previously done a track called “Tere Bina” (Produced By The PropheC) with Prabh Gill,  for his lastest album “Endless”. Sajna Ve Sajna is produced by the in house producer, Desi Beam’s own Daa Parv.  The video has been directed by Guru himself, along with fellow One Commission member Nottotune. The full video would be launched on 03-03-13. Anticipation has been building about the track since the day it got aired on Radio in Karachi, which was also heard online by fans worldwide.


Guru’s Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/gurudesibeam

Desi Beam’s official Facebook Page: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Daa Parv’s Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/daaparv

Amrita Rana’s Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/AmritaRanaOfficial

Nottotune on facebook: facebook.com/nottotune


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Pardhaan & JB – Keda Ni Jaanda [Official Video]

Here is the official video for “Keda Ni Jaanda” by Pardhaan & JB. It is a massive collaboration between two giants in the desi underground hiphop scene. Desi Beam and Nau Sau Bai come together for the first time to bring out this video. The track “Keda Ni Jaanda” is from “Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape”, which was entirely produced by ADX. The video also features cameo appearances by One Commission members Zan, Mojo, Parv, Guru, G-Frekey & Nottotune.
The track as well as the mixtape is still available for free download.

For more info & Downloads check: Breakout the Biggest Indian Mixtape 

Nau Sau Bai Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/Go922

Desi Beam Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

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“Chaar Punjabi” – Nachhatar Gill & Guru


Rapper Guru,  from Desi Beam, one of the most popular desi rap crews, drops yet another bomb, as he collaborates with Famous punjabi singer Nachattar Gill, for the track called “Chaar Punjabi”. The track is also the title track from the upcoming punjabi movie “Saadi Vakhri hai Shaan”, starring Sangram Singh, Mandy Takhar, Binnu Dhillon, Gurpreet Ratol, Shivendra Mahal, Harpal Singh, Mannu Sandhu, Tarsinder Thind, Rana Ranbir,Vicky Mangat, Anita Meet, Dharminder Grewal,Abhiroy Cheema and Amrik Mangat. The track is produced by Dilpreet Bhatia, and the movie, as well as the song, is written by Inder Roop Singh Ghuman.

To know more about the movie, visit the official facebook page, here :

“Saadi Vakhri hai Shaan” Facebook page: facebook.com/SaadiVakhriHaiShaan

Desi Beam on Facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial


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Desi Beam – “Panga” [Official Video]

Chandigarh’s finest Rap collective, Desi Beam is back with a bang. After their highly acclaimed collaboration with Bohemia, which was a massive hit, they are back with their new track called “Panga”. The track is produced by Desi Beam’s own “Daa Parv”, and features verses from Guru (Yung Hni), Pardhaan, Mojo and G-Frekey. Check the video out. Its a must watch.

Desi Beam on facebook : facebook.com/desibeamofficial

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