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Naezy – Azaad Hu Mai


‘Azaad Hu Mai’Naezy’s ode to independence and the freedom to make ones own choices. Taking decisions and expanding thoughts about time and how it flies in a world where working hard and avoiding shortcuts is key. Through compelling poetry and a narrative that encompasses the voice of the streets, the power of the masses and a hope for those who work hard, Naezy talks directly to those who dare to challenge the system and move ahead.

With ‘Azad Hu Mai’, Naezy becomes the first artist to collaborate with Saavn for its Artist Original Program.

Hear it exclusively on Saavn: http://saa.vn/azaadhumai

Stay Connected:
Facebook: facebook.com/NaezyTheBaA
Twitter: @NaezyTheBaA
Instagram: instagram.com/naezythebaa
Snapchat: snapchat.com/add/Naezythebaa


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DIVINE | Farak | Official Music Video

DIVINE confronts his inner emotions with #Farak.
DIVINE’s new single #Farak is an expression of his life-adventures over the years, while highlighting his pillar of strength -his Mother. This video has been shot in the gullies of Mumbai and Goa and features DIVINE’s friends, brothers and artists that have been part of his journey so far. #Farak is one of his most personal and honest! Watch now!

Connect with DIVINE:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/viviandivine
Twitter : https://twitter.com/VivianDivine
Instagram: @Vivianakadivine
Snapchat: VivianDivine
Apple Connect : DIVINE


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Naezy – Tehelka | Official Music Video

The boy from Bombay 70, Naezy is back with a brand new hard hitting track titled “Tehelka”. The track has been produced by Sajeel Kapoor, better known as SEZ.

Titled ‘Tehelka’, the single is taking aim at the so-called Presidents and Kings of Desi Hip-Hop, while at the same time raising the bar for the MCs that are a part of the Indian underground hip-hop movement. Continue reading “Naezy – Tehelka | Official Music Video” »

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KR$NA – VYANJAN (Hindi Alphabetic Rap)

You must have heard the tracks “Alphabetical Slaughter” by Papoose and “Alphabet Aerobics” by Blackalicious. Like most of the people, i was blown away when i first heard these tracks. This is the work of a true lyrical genius. But what if i told you that now India has its own “Alphabetical Slaughter”, and that too, in Hindi!

Meet KR$NA, who just dropped this new joint called “Vyanjan”, and this is freakin crazy. KR$NA goes IN on the beat produced by Insane.
The best part is, He keeps the lyrics completely relevant. He has surely raised the bar for everyone with this track.  The video has been Shot by Inflict. This track is a must for every hip-hop fan, and is Highly recommended. Check out the track here:

Connect with KR$NA:

Facebook: facebook.com/krsnamusic
Twitter: @realkrsna
Instagram: instagram.com/realkrsna


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Kadki – D’evil | [ Official Music Video ]

D’evil drops his brand new video titled “Kadki”,  The title of the track is unique, just like the Music video. Where most rappers usually show off the finest cars, big mansions and hottest girls in their music videos, D’evil does the complete opposite. He keeps it real indeed, showing the everyday life of a broke man in “Kadki”.  Kedar Amburle did an amazing job with the “Birdman” inspired music video. The whole video is just one long shot from start to end. Here’s what D’evil told us about the video:

“Kadki – or being broke is one of the most common and humbling experiences that one goes through in their life at various points. It’s not that it is good or bad ; rather it’s about finding a way out when nothing seems possible – iow – a quick fix / jugaad. It’s a subtle guerilla style of living wherein one accomplishes their work in one way or another.

Starting from this premise we shot the entire film also employing various jugaads – using real settings , rather than building a set, utilising real characters (residents) from the area rather than actors. In some places we have used our friends as we didn’t have a budget as such for actors… Whatever we did is comprised of the beg, borrow or steal mentality. This ensured us staying true to the concept and permeate it throughout the process of film-making.”

Connect with D’Evil:

Facebook: facebook.com/devilmumbai
Twitter: @Thee_Evil
Instagram: instagram.com/theeevil


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KRTK MUZK (Formerly known as KeepSake) drops the 3rd episode of his SESH series. This time he performs his track “Behter” from his Buddhiheen 2 EP. He has been consistently dropping new music every week now, So make sure you subscribe to his youtube channel for your weekly dose of good hiphop music. We spoke to KRTK about this episode, and here is what he had to say:

“The song I have sung for SESH EP.THREE is ‘Behter’ from my EP Buddhiheen 2
Originally featuring DEE MC on the hook
The Song is purely about not giving up and making a great come back every time you fall. the song was meant to be Inspiring and soothing.”

Connect with KRTK MUZK:

Facebook: facebook.com/KrtkMuzk
Instagram: instagram.com/krtkmuzk
Twitter: @KrtkMuzk


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Stardom Struggle-G One & Patil Saab

So today we have these two rappers from Jammu, that go by the name G One, and Patil Saab. These guys are previously unheard, but have great potential. They talk about the struggle that an artist goes through. The video has been shot and edited by Rapi Boy.

Do give them a listen everybody, These guys have potential.

Connect with the Artists:


Facebook: facebook.com/g1rapdevil
Instagram: instagram.com/superboy_Gone

Patil Saab
Facebook: facebook.com/sahil.patil.330467

Rapi Boy
Facebook: facebook.com/rapi.boy
Instagram: instagram.com/rapi_boy_


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“SESH is Piano and Good Lyrics” – KRTK MUZK

Delhi based rapper KRTK MUZK (Formerly known as Keepsake) never ceases to amaze. He is undoubtedly one of the best hindi/urdu rappers of the country. His poetic lyrics and laid back delivery connects with the youth quickly. His style and lyricism is something that the young generation can relate to. And now he’s back with his brand new Youtube series called SESH. So we spoke to KRTK MUZK about SESH, and what its all about, and here is SESH, in the words of KRTK MUZK:

“I had this Idea since very long. That I should convert my songs into piano ballads. I make music for people who likes to chill. You know my whole discography is a like a diary of an introvert. Everyone is making club songs people go to clubs and dance to them. I thought what about people like me rather chill at home and listen to chill meaningful songs. So there you have it.”

Watch SESH EP1 & 2:

Connect with KRTK MUZK:

Facebook: facebook.com/KrtkMuzk
Twitter: @KrtkMuzk
Instagram: instagram.com/krtkmuzk

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Bappa Morya (VakolaChaRaja) – Official Video – Mumbai’s Finest


Mumbai’s Finest drop an anthem for the streets !

Mumbai’s Finest has been iconic in the Indian Hip Hop Scene. They are Mumbai’s First crew and have been educating people through Hip Hop . They recently released their viral street track ‘Bappa Morya’ which was made for the Ganpati Visarjan especially. The song was the only rap song from the underground to be played at various visarjans and mandals.

Mumbai’s finest had already released the audio and had invited people to join them for the official video shoot which happened at the Visarjan of ‘Vakola Cha Raja’ at Santacruz, Mumbai. The video is out and it looks unlike any other video that you have ever seen.

The video showcases people vibing and dancing like crazy on the streets of mumbai. It shows raw energy and that ‘ranti’ vibe as anyone from Mumbai may call it. “ We wanted to make a song that can be played anywhere in mumbai and people will still relate to it. It is by and for Mumbai” says, D hood who has produced the track.


The video looks promising and we strongly suggest you to watch and share the same

Mumbai’s Finest on Fb – https://goo.gl/v7W25p
Mumbai’s Finest on Soundcloud – https://goo.gl/mkokVL
Twitter & Instagram- @mumbaisfinest @iamkingofrhymes
For bookings and collaborations – mumbaisfinest@gmail.com

Buy ‘Mumbai Till I Die’ , the Album/ Songs here :
iTunes India – http://apple.co/1PsYuMK
iTunes #International : http://apple.co/1ZvVarV
ArtistAloud.com : http://bit.ly/MumbaisFinest
Hungama.com : http://bit.ly/1RneHHM

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The Virtue of Solidarity Ft. Siri & DonnyJ


KRTK MUZK drops his first major collaboration after his transformation from KeepSake to KRTK MUZK. The track is called “The Virtue of Solidarity”, and features DonnyJ and Siri. The beat has been produced by Krtk Muzk as well. He has been really impressive as a producer lately. In addition to being one of the best hindi lyricists in the game, He is probably going to be one of the best Producers as well. Do check out this track, and let us know what you feel about this one.

Connect with Krtk Muzk :

Instagram: instagram.com/krtkmuzk
Twitter: @KrtkMuzk
Facebook: facebook.com/KrtkMuzk

Connect with Siri :
Facebook: facebook.com/siriusblack.iris
Instagram: instagram.com/this_is_sirius
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/siri-narayan-1

Twitter: @verysirious

Connect with DonnyJ :
Facebook: facebook.com/iamdonnyj
Instagram: instagram.com/realdonnyj

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/realdonnyj
Twitter: @realdonnyj

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