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GhettoBoii’s “Pictures from the Past” [Releasing Soon]

Pictures From The PastAfter the HUGE SUCCESS of his Previous Mixtape “It Ain’t Over Yet“, GhettoBoii has now decided to work on his next BIG PROJECT. “Sacchi Gall” is the forthcoming Mixtape of the German born/Canadian raised Desi Rap Artist.

His recent drop & also the first Track off the Mixtape, “Nach Ke Dikhade” ft. Emcee Dappear from New Delhi & Shetan now known as Shashank from Switzerland was a Massive Hit in Canada & SA.

After exact 3 Months, SURAJ aka GhettoBoii is now releasing the 2nd Single “Pictures from The Past“, taken from the Mixtape. Pictures from the Past is featuring one of the Illest Canadian UG MC’s at the moment, Ice Killa who has gained a lot of popularity through his recent Album “No Regrets“, which was a Worldwide Smash-Hit, sold over 3.000 Copies. The track is also featuring the vocals by the amazingly  talented Ambur Bosi, who was featuring 2 Tracks on “No Regrets”.

Produced by Phat Media SoundsTakilla. Putting all 3 Musicians on a Beat together gives you the Perfect International Collaboration.

The Track will be available for a FREE Download exclusively on The Desi Rapper Show, which will be very soon.


Catch The Team on Social Networking Sites:




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GhettoBoii – “Nach Ke Dikhade” ft. Emcee Dappear and Shetan

GhettoBoii – “Nach Ke Dikhade” ft. Emcee Dappear and Shetan

Valentines Special: GhettoBoii Drops “Nach Ke Dikhade” [Remix] ft. Emcee Dappear From India, New Delhi & Shetan From Switzerland. Warning, This International Collaboration Released Under GhettoBoiiMusic Records Is Hot! You Can’t Afford To Miss This! Check It Out!

Exclusive – FREE Download: http://tinyurl.com/DRSDownlaods

Contact: GhettoBoii:

Bookings & Business Inquiries: iamGhettoBoii@Gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/iamGhettoBoii
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/iamGhettoBoii
Instagram: http://instagram.com/GhettoBoiiMusic

Contact Emcee Dappear:

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/DarpanSharma90
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/EmceeDappear


Contact Shetan:

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/AsliShetan
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/AsliShetan


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GhettoBoii Saini – “Ghetto [It Ain’t Over Yet]” ft. Omar

Desi, Greek & German, All In One. Check Out GhettoBoii Saini’s Single “Ghetto [It Ain’t Over Yet]” ft. German Rapper Omar From G.Duo & Greek Rapper/Producer Dimi On The Hook. Check It Out The International Collaboration.

Download Link : [Will Be An Exclusive On The DRSTv]

GhettoBoii Saini on Facebook : http://www.Facebook.com/iamGhettoBoii

GhettoBoii Saini on Twitter : @GhettoBoiiMusic

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Janaka Selekta & Seti X – “Mobilize” [Official Music Video]

Janaka Selekta & SETI X aka Mandeep Sethi come together for their first collaboration, bridging genres and generations of Asian underground frequencies. Filmed in the Endless Canvas Special Delivery Warehouse in Oakland, California, SETI guides the viewer through layers and layers of visual code and modern day supreme heiroglyphics blasted against the walls of concrete, speaking stories of struggle, happiness, and life. It’s time to mobilize.
Mandeep Sethi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mandeepsethiX33

Follow Janaka Seleka On Twitter: @janakaselekta


You Can Download The Track Here: soundcloud.com/janakaselekta/mobilize-ft-mandeep-sethi

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Pakman – “Gal Ban Gei” ft. Young Buck & Freak Jamez

Check Out Pakman’s Brand New Release On The GhettoBoiiMusic Records, Titled As “Gal Ban Gei” ft. Cashville’s own Young Buck & Freak Jamez. This Is No Remix / Remake. Official Music. Its a part of Pakman’s upcoming album.
 Check It Out Yo!

Pakman On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/Pakman4U
Young Buck On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/YoungBuck

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Adil Omar – “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” [Track List]

Adil Omar – “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” [Track List] :

Track List : 
01. The Mushroom Cloud Effect 
02. 50 Feet Tall (ft. Hard Target)
03. Paki Rambo
04. Go Outside
05. Broken Man
06. Runaway With You (ft. Mina Fedora)
07. One by One (ft. B-Real of Cypress Hill, Sick Jacken and Young De)
08. Star Power
09. Off The Handle (ft. Xzibit)
10. Sugar Low (ft. Meesha Shafi)
11. Carry Me Home
12. Heart of Darkness
13. Summertime (ft. Kool G Rap, Gravity and Greydon Square)
14. Hand Over Your Guns (ft. Everlast)
More Information About The Album Will Be Disclosed Closer To Album Release. 
Other Information : Click Here

To Get In Touch With Adil Omar On Facebook : Click Here

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Pakman “Gal Ban Gai” ft. Young Buck Out Soon!

“Gal Ban Gai” Is Pakman’s Upcoming Collaboration With G-Unit’s Young Buck. No Remix , “Gal Ban Gai” Is An Official Release , Releasing Real Soon On The GhettoBoiiMusic YouTube Channel. Coming Up Next!

In Case You Missed The Promo Of The Track , Here It Is :

Catch Pakman On Facebook For Other Information : www.Facebook.com/Pakman4U
G.B.M For The Latest Updates On The Track : www.Facebook.com/TheGhettoBoiiMusic

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Pakman – “Gal Ban Gai” ft. Young Buck [Teaser]

PP Entertainment Presenting Ya’ll Pakman’s Brand New Teaser Of His Upcoming Collaboration “Gal Ban Gai” Featuring The International US Rapper Young Buck. Yes!! You Heard It Right , Ya’ll Will Soon Get To Hear Your Favourite Desi Rapper In A Collboration With YOUNG BUCK. Make Sure Ya’ll Have An Eye On It.

Pakman On Facebook : www.facebook.com/Pakman4U
Young Buck On Facebook : www.facebook.com/YoungBuck

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