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Jaybee (JB)-Still Desi

JB aka Jaybee aka JB Nau Sau Bai as you guys might know him, is finally back, with this OG banger. The track is called “Still Desi”. Its been 2 years since JB released something. And it still sounds fresh. The track has been released on his label Global Pind records.
Here is what JB had to say when we spoke to him about the track

“After almost a 2 year GAP i am back and note down my words “i am back”. I am taking things really seriously and in this 2 year time frame I have learned a lot. I only used to Rap before thIs but now i am into music production as well and i want Get more involved in it.The more i am digging the more i am learning and for me Still Desi is a track which represents the kind of music I listen to, the kind of rap i want to write, the kind of sound i want to produce. Still desi is for all those who are in the rap game keeping it real and STILL being desi. Punjabi is a language which i want to represent and i will but in a different style in a different manner with my swag.Keeping it real keeping it desi is all i know.”


Facebook: facebook.com/jbTalkin

Twitter: @JbTalkin

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“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

“Jawaab Ni Saada” [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions is back once again. This time its “Dilli Te Mohali connection”. Mohali’s own G-Frekey (Desi Beam / One Commission) & Bigg Slim (Big Boom Music) team up with Bangaal & JB (Nau Sau Bai) from  New Delhi to bring out the brand new Jam Session named “Jawaab Ni Saada”. Its a mostly punjabi jam session, with a twist of bengali in between. Check this jam session, as Emcees spit back to back verses on an old skool sample, Produced by J. DePina.
An interesting thing, also is G-Frekey’s verse on the jam session. The verse has been creating lots of buzz. It has been a topic of discussion, as it seems directed at one particular person, apparently a rival MC. Y’all gotta figure that out.

Subscribe to DRS TV on youtube: youtube.com/DRSofficial

Desi Beam on Facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Nau Sau Bai on Facebook: facebook.com/Go922


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Pardhaan & JB – Keda Ni Jaanda [Official Video]

Here is the official video for “Keda Ni Jaanda” by Pardhaan & JB. It is a massive collaboration between two giants in the desi underground hiphop scene. Desi Beam and Nau Sau Bai come together for the first time to bring out this video. The track “Keda Ni Jaanda” is from “Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape”, which was entirely produced by ADX. The video also features cameo appearances by One Commission members Zan, Mojo, Parv, Guru, G-Frekey & Nottotune.
The track as well as the mixtape is still available for free download.

For more info & Downloads check: Breakout the Biggest Indian Mixtape 

Nau Sau Bai Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/Go922

Desi Beam Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

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BreakOut – “Keda Nai Janda” [Track Promo #1]

“Break Out” , The Biggest Underground Desi Hip Hop Mixtape Till Date By ADX From Nau Sau Bai,
Released The First Official Promo Titled As “Keda Ni Janda”. Along With JB , The Other Half Of 922
& Desi Beam’s Pardhaan. Produced By The Main Man ADX Himself. Watch Out For This One!

BreakOut – The Mixtape On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/BreakOutBIM
Nau Sau Bai On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/Go922
Pardhaan On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/DesiBeam

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JB (Nau Sau Bai) – “Gerhi Route” [Prod. ADX]

Concept and Music: ADX

Lyrics, Composition and Vocals: JB
The concept of this track came from the Gerhi Route.
Gerhi Route is a culture followed by the new generation of Punjab.
Basically this track is all about what girls and guys do when they are on a Gerhi in different parts of Punjab. The lyrics written by JB are easy to relate to for the Punjabis.
And what makes this track unique is the beat. The thump of the intro beat is from the Engine of an Enfield.
The Bullet Engine sound was recorded live using a Mic and a Laptop at 3 AM.
“We guys went out kick-started the Bullet and recorded the live Exhaust sound. Brought the recorded sounds back to the studio, then we chopped and sampled the best recording according to the tempo of the beat.”
This is the USP of this track because no one has ever tried something like this on a rap beat.
JB (Nau Sau Bai) On Facebook : .facebook.com/jbTalkin
ADX (Nau Sau Bai) On Facebook : facebook.com/adx247
Nau Sau Bai Official Facebook Fan Page : facebook.com/Go922
Download The Track For *FREE* : Click Here

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Nau Sau Bai-922 feat. Gaurav Dayal

Delhi Based Desi Hiphop Group Nau Sau Bai, performing their new single “922” feat. Gaurav Dayal.
Off their upcoming album, and also a part of Universal “Desi Hustle” project.
Its got JB and Ikka on th verses.This fully pimped up video Features ADX, JB, Ikka and Gaurav Dayal.
This is one smashing track.A Must Listen for all desi hiphop fans.This video is a huge success and got major airplay on PTC networks.

Official website : go922.com
Facebook : Nau Sau Bai on Facebook

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