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Don’t Give up (One More Time)

Wizy drops his latest single “One More Time (Don’t Give Up)”. This is an inspirational hiphop track, wizy tells you not to stop, and keep goin on, no matter how hard it is. DRS Spoke to Wizy about the track, and this is what he had to say :

“This song is all about the struggle going on in people’s life rite now in the world, and also what went through my whole life, just decided to pour out my mind on dis hot freestyle and to give myself as an inspiration to everyone out there that is struggling to make it in life.
The song says ONE MORE TIME, which means just try one more time if you have lost your hope don’t give up and don’t let down, the impossible can still be possible no matter how hard it is. I also used d track to send a shoutout to all my homies out There nd my girls in capetown South Africa to keep hustling and soon we gonna blow this money up like never before.
Dats what the track is all about.”
produced by SAGAR SHAH nd mixed nd masterd by EMENJAY DAWSON.
copyright of CESSA RECORDS.

Play and download the track here :

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Din Raat – GD Singh Feat. G-Grip

“Din Raat” is the 1st Pre-release off GD $ingh’s Upcoming mixtape, “Aiwen Hi (Just Like That)”. The track desribes the hustle of talented underground artists such as GD $ingh himself and G-Grip with whome he’s collaborating on this track. The track also gives some insight to personal experience by GD $ingh. Ready for anything, Working day and night. All the Pre-Releases and the mixtape itself are gonna be exclusively released on DRS.com. Mixtape includes wide variety of underground, mainstream, indian and nigerian artists such as Wizy, Craig, Nottotune, Ittefaq, G-Grip, Deep SYnc.

Download Track : Click Here

GD $ingh on Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper
G-Grip on Facebook: facebook.com/ggriprapper

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Ain’t No Way (Yashiyan) – TAV, Wizy Manuels, GD Singh, Deep Sync, Craig Prins

“Ain’t No Way” is a Collaboration Hip Hop track from Lovely Professional University’s official LPU Music album. This track is produced by Tav, and features TAV, Wizy Manuels, Deep Sync, Craig Prins & GD $ingh on the Vocals. The track is a unique collaboration between rappers from two different continents, featuring 2 rappers from Nigeria, 3 from Punjab.

According to the track’s producer TAV, “The Beat of the track is resemblance to UK Garage Genre. Music on it reflects the today’s Hip Hop trends with the lil essence of Hip Hop & Pop fusion. This is why this track attenuates the margin between Underground & Mainstream Hip Hop”
The track is about the everyday lifestyle of LPU Students, and is a combination of English and Punjabi rap.

Catch all the artists on facebook :

Tavleen Singh (TAV) 
GD $ingh
Deep Sync
 Craig Prins
Wizy Manuels

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Deep Sync – If i only knew

Delhi based rapper “Deep Sync” drops his fresh joint “If i Only Knew” . The track is produced by “Life & Death Productions”. Deep Sync drops some fresh punjabi rhymes, as he showcases his promising abilities in desi hiphop.  Deep states that this track is infact, inspired from a true story of his closest friend Avjot Singh.  Do check this track out, and let us know about your views about the track.

If you like his work, you can visit Deep Sync here :

Deep Sync on Facebook 

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Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper-Buniyad

Track : Buniyad
Artist : Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper AKA GD Singh
Prod. by : ADX (922 Nau Sau Bai)

Some Real Talk by Gaggy Da Sikh rapper, on this hardcore desi hiphop track, Produced by ADX from Nau Sau Bai.
Listen to it,and drop in your valuable feedbacks.

Facebook : Gaggy AKA Da Sikh Rapper on Facebook

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Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper Live @ Lovely Professional University

Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper performing live @ Lovely Professional University Jallandhar.
Gaggy performing his track “Buniyad”, produced by ADX, along with some freestyle verses.
A really impressive performance by Da Sikh Rapper.he is one underground artist to look for.

check his performance out, and drop in your feedbacks.

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