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MC Feral-Dreams [Official Video]


Delhi based rapper MC Feral has released his brand new music video. The track is callled “Dreams”, and it has been produced by Sajeel Kapoor, better known as SEZ. The video has been made by Romi Kahlon. Here is what MC Feral had to say when we spoke to him about his new video:

“I am very happy to announce that the Music Video for Dreams is finally out. I have been working on this track since an year and I am glad it has come out Satisfactory. Music Video is done by Romi Kahlon and has done a good job on that. The Video is not that flashy but has kept very simple keeping the Music and the Song on the upper side of the complete project.

I have kept the title of the song as Dreams, as this is something which i have talked about in my song a lot and love talking about it offline. The Lyrics of the song are inspiring and may touch a heart or two.

I really want to thank Sajeel Kapoor a.k.a Sez who has done the Music for the song and for all the effort and support so far and keeping all patience with me during the course as the project wasnt that easy for me to complete while working in a IT company to support my music and my family.”


You can buy the track from the following links:

iTunes: Click to Buy

Amazon: Click to Buy


MC Feral:

Facebook: facebook.com/EmceeFeralOfficial

Twitter: @emceeferal



Facebook: .facebook.com/iamsez


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Represent – 5 Indian Rappers

Represent – 5 Indian Rappers
New Delhi based rap group FBI’s MC Feral drops a brand new track called: “Represent – 5 Indian Rappers”. The track includes Smokey (Machas with Attitude), Rapper BigDeal (TwoMuch), Rob C (Kaala Kurta Gang), Enkore (Munky Rhymz) and Emcee Feral (FBI New Delhi).   The track has been produced by Rakshit, who is also the in house producer of FBI. The track has an old skool vibe, With a sitar sample, which gives it an Indian feel.  It has no hook, but scratches in between the verses. Its a must listen, as all the Emcees murder the beat one by one.

“This Idea came to my mind last year when Machas with Attitude Released a Similar posse cut “Indian Flava” which had many Indian Rappers, NRI’s and Mainstream Rappers as well” Said MC Feral, when asked bout how he came up with the idea of the track.


You can catch all the rappers in the track here:

Smokey – The Ghost (From Machas With Attitude – B’lore): facebook.com/smokeythemacha
Rapper Big Deal (From Two Much – B’Lore)BIG-DEAL
Enkore ( From Munky Rhymz – Mumbai) : facebook.com/ankur.johar
ROB C ( From Kaala Kurta Gang – Mohali): facebook.com/robc172
Emcee Feral (From FBI – New Delhi City) facebook.com/EmceeFeralOfficial
Produced by Rakshit a.k.a Rax on the Beat:  facebook.com/rakshitbahl

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“Karma” – The FBI [Official Video]

“Karma” Is the New track from New Delhi Based Hip Hop Crew “The FBI”. The Track is all about ‘what you do is what you get’, The Quote from the track Includes “Boye Babool to Fir Aam Kaise Hoye” by ‘Explyrix’ completely says “Jo Karoge wahi Milega”. G-GRiP in the track Stood out with the Absolute Crazy delivery and Variations, Wherein Emcee Feral Starts the Track With the Bang. This is a Home Made Video in the Studio where the track was recorded, Mixed and Mastered by “Explyrix”. Video Editing was done by Explyrix Himself, however the Video/Footages were Recorded by Deep Sync. The track is from upcoming mixtape “Made in India” by Explyrix. Check out the Last Track by “The FBI” of the year 2011 Came out to be a Complete Banger.

FBI on Facebook : facebook.com/FBI4LYF

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Emcee Feral – The Wall

MC Feral is back with his fresh number called “The Wall.”
The wall is the first single from MC Feral’s Upcoming Mixtape “The Refill”. This mixtape would be available for free download soon. The track is the first single released after their much successful Mixtape “Inkounter”.
A Really nice track, MC Feral tries to deviate from his usual style, Blending some of hindi lyrics along with english. A must listen if u are looking for some real talk.

Track is available for download exclusively by Desi Rapper Show :

MC Feral Official Facebook Page

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Raw Music Records Presents ” Inkounter “-The Mixtape

Mixtape : Inkounter

Artist : The F.B.I – The Verbal Propehtz

Released : 15/07/2011

Format : CD

Genre : Desi Hip/Hop

Number of Tracks : 10 + A Bonus Beat

Album Duration : 34 Mins

Production / Label : Raw Music Records

Price: Rs. 150.00

Album Track List :

1. Intro – The F.B.I

2. Long Gone – Emcee Feral

3. Ki Haal – G-Grip

4. You Hate , We Party – Explyrix & G-Grip

5. I’m Rolling – Emcee Feral & G-Grip

6. Dil To Ni Sochna 3 – Emcee Feral & G-Grip

7. To Haters With Love – Emcee Feral , Explrix & G-Grip

8. I’m Dyin’ – Emcee Feral & G-Grip

9. Yeh To Public Hai – Emcee Feral , Explyrix & G-Grip

10. Main Challa – Emcee Feral & G-Grip (Prod. DJ Piyush)

*Bonus Track*

11. Break Away ” RMR Beat ”

The Mixtape is a combination of Desi and Urban Hiphop. With production comes from FBI producer Rakshit, and DJ Piyush and Vocals by MC Feral, G-Grip and Explyrix, this mixtape is a must listen for all the hiphop lovers. It is available all over India as a CD at a price of Rs 150. People interested to buy can contract the following persons in various regions across India to buy the mixtape. Show full support to Underground Hiphop by purchasing the mixtape.

1. New Delhi/NCR

Piyush Wason : +91-9910011328

Rakshit Bahal : +91-9811844089

G-Grip : +91-9654329211

Vikrant Negi : +91-9818636054

2. Mumbai

Ankur Johar : +91-9820919525

3. Phagwara/Jalandhar/Kapurth​ala/Ludhiana/Amritsar

Tanvir Bhanot : +91-9815272106

4). Chandigarh/Mohali

Navdeep Singh: +91-9876439497

5. Hyderabad

Darshan Sirigiri : +91-8886027000 Or +91-9866808888.

6. Chennai

Bigg Bikk : +91-9840486054

For Further Enquiries and updates, on how to get INKOUNTER in your city, join FBI-The Verbal Prophetz [Official Facebook Page]

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Mc Feral : The Syllable Therapy 2

Delhi based hiphop crew FBI presents MC Feral’s new mixtape “The Syllable Therapy 2”.
Sequel to his mixtape “The Syllable Therapy”.It features different flavours of desi hiphop, including features by numerous desi underground artists as well as FBI members.

Artists : Emcee Feral, G-Grip, Explyrix, Warlock, Rob C, Femcee Vin, M Brigade, Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne.

Music Producers : Rakshit {Raw Music Records}, Sinima, Noodles, Manish Emotions, Alpha, Young Money, Nine Diamond, 2Deep, DJ Piyush, Warchild.

Mixing and Mastering : Rakshit {Raw Music records}, Emcee Feral, Nottie Dogg {KRU 172}, DJ Piyush, Explyrix, Warlock, Xtremoz Undadawgs, DJ Vishal, Warchild.

Download Links :

Download Syllable Therapy 2

Streaming link for Syllable Therapy 2

FBI The Verbal Prophets on Facebook

Your valued feedback and critique is most welcome.

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Emcee Feral(FBI) – The Syllable Therapy[Mixtape]

Emcee Feral of FBI releases his first and much anticipated mixtape – The Syllable Therapy!

Featuring guest appearances from the likes of Ittefaq, GD $ingh, Enkore, Ace (aka 39), etc. all reppin Desi Hip-Hop !
All this in addition to a Ragged Skull beat..!

THIS is Desi-Rap.

Like always, I’ll let the music take over from here ..

Album art:

Front Cover

Back Cover – Track Listing and Credits

Download Link : Click here to download


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Music Across Boundaries : D.E.S.I. Mixtape Released

Music has no boundaries to it.
and a perfect example of this is this mixtape.The D.E.S.I. Mixtape.This mixtape is the perfect example of the unity of youth of today.
Consisting of rappers from India and Pakistan,these youngsters do not know of rivalry,all they know is to make music,and there is one common language,one way of expression,that is Hip Hop.

DO check this mixtape out friends,and don’t forget to drop in your comments.

Shoutouts to UP for the concept,and everybody who is a part of this Mixtape.

The track Listing :

1-Still Hood- DJ Danny feat.Rapid
2-Gunahgaar- Newgame feat Apocalypz 23
3-The Vicked Rebelz -Crack feat HBC
4-Akhian kamaal- Undefined Power,G-Frekey n M-Official
5-Pyaar aur Sharaab- vix,rapid,feral n evil
7-Blazin Love -Undefined Power feat Crack and G-Frekey
8-S.W.A.G. Anthem- Certified Homies
9-Husan lutera- Kru172(Nottie & Lucky)
10-Street Kings- M-Official & undefined power
11-Barjungle Rap- BeeJay
12-Desi girls- DJ Danny
13-Desi Peoplez in the Club-Nottie Dogg feat Undefined Power & Mojo
14-Pakistani Gangsta- Crack
15-Im Alkoholic- Certified Homies
16-Pervert- Hustler & Enkore(Munkyrhymez)

Download D.E.S.I. Mixtape : Click here to download

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