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Dee MC – “Talk My Way” [Prod. By Kru172] (Official Video)

Talk My Way

Mumbai based rapper Deepa unnikrishnan a.k.a. Dee MC just dropped her brand new video. The track is called “Talk My way”. This track has been produced by the duo Kru172.
This video has been shot by D’evil of MunkyRhymes, and audio has been recorded by IceBoul. “Talk My Way” is also the very first video of Dee MC, after she got a lots of recognition and appreciation for her previous tracks “Apologize” and “No Static”.

You can catch Dee MC at following links:

Dee MC on facebook: facebook.com/DeeMCOfficial

Dee MC on Youtube: youtube.com/TheDeeMCOfficial


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D’evil Presents MadMan [Mixtape]

   D’evil presents MadMan

   Artist : D’evil
   Released : 21/12/2012
   Genre : Desi Hip Hop   
   Number Of Tracks : 15
   Duration: 32:35










01- Intro
02- Thats Wrong (Feat. Enkore)
03- Enkore’s Mom Calling (Skit)
04- Indian Men Can’t Rap
05- Dirty Emcees (Feat. A-List)
06- Gimme a Light
07- Marijuana Rhapsody
08- Bad Mic (Interlude)
09- Hardknock Calling (Skit)
10- Whack the Rapper (Feat. Hardknock)
11- Goof Ups
12- Ninonika
13- The Girl in my Classroom
14- Weird Thoughts
15- Outro

One of the finest rappers outta mumbai, one half of Hiphop crew Munky Rhymz, D’evil drops his brand new mixtape titled MadMan.
If you are a true hiphop listener, and if you actually pay attention to the lyrics, this mixtape is for you. You might notice a westcoast / detroit golden era hiphop influence on the tape. Right from the intro, one would figure out the craziness he is about to witness on the mixtape.

Download “D’evil presents MadMan” : Click here 
Alternate download link: Click here

D’evil on Facebook: facebook.com/devilmunkyrhymz
D’evil on Twitter: @Devil_Dhaval

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B’Bay De Mundey – GT Road 2012 (Dubstep)

The Boys from Bombay are back again. B’Bay De Mundey are back with their new track “GT Road 2012”. Its a dubstep remix to their hit track “GT Road”. B’Bay De Mundey has been keepin’ it live since back in the days. They’ve built a name for themselves by their unique sounds and lyrics. Their songs Ayaash Mundey and GT road have been massive in UK, US and Canada. After being out of the scene for quite a long time, they’re back with a bang. This song is a must listen. Available for download exclusively on Desi Rapper Show.

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Big J – “We Love Terrorists” Feat. Enkore

Straight outta Mumbai, this is Big J, out with his new track. The track is called “We Love Terrorists”, and features Enkore, one of mumbai’s most promising underground artists right now . The track brings out a great message, and also raises question on the Indian Law system. The track describes how innocents are getting killed everyday for no reason, and terrorists stay fearless.

Listen to the track :

Big J on Reverbnation : Reverbnation.com/thebigj
Enkore on Facebook : facebook.com/thisisenkore

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Enkore – Beatdown [Mixtape]

 Mixtape : Beatdown

Artist : Enkore
Released : January 10, 2011
Format : Digital Release
Genre : Desi Hip/Hop
Number Of Tracks : 19
Album Duration : 44:10
Production : Various
Price : Free Download

One of the best few artistes that is an active part of the hip-hop revolution that is slowly but steadily taking over India, releases BeatDown.

Enkore’s take on a lot of the recent hits and hip-hop favourites.

With a lot of different topics and moods on the mixtape, this guarantess to have at least one song for every person and every mood. 

 Download Beatdown For Free : Click Here
 Enkore’s Blog : thisisenkore.blogspot.com
Enkore on Facebook : facebook.com/thisisenkore
 Enkore on Twitter : @ankur_enkore
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