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Kadki – D’evil | [ Official Music Video ]

D’evil drops his brand new video titled “Kadki”,  The title of the track is unique, just like the Music video. Where most rappers usually show off the finest cars, big mansions and hottest girls in their music videos, D’evil does the complete opposite. He keeps it real indeed, showing the everyday life of a broke man in “Kadki”.  Kedar Amburle did an amazing job with the “Birdman” inspired music video. The whole video is just one long shot from start to end. Here’s what D’evil told us about the video:

“Kadki – or being broke is one of the most common and humbling experiences that one goes through in their life at various points. It’s not that it is good or bad ; rather it’s about finding a way out when nothing seems possible – iow – a quick fix / jugaad. It’s a subtle guerilla style of living wherein one accomplishes their work in one way or another.

Starting from this premise we shot the entire film also employing various jugaads – using real settings , rather than building a set, utilising real characters (residents) from the area rather than actors. In some places we have used our friends as we didn’t have a budget as such for actors… Whatever we did is comprised of the beg, borrow or steal mentality. This ensured us staying true to the concept and permeate it throughout the process of film-making.”

Connect with D’Evil:

Facebook: facebook.com/devilmumbai
Twitter: @Thee_Evil
Instagram: instagram.com/theeevil


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D’evil – Learn (Feat. Dee MC)

2015 has been the biggest year for Indian Hip-Hop scene. So many amazing artists coming up, Hip-Hop on national TV and what not. And what a way it is to start the new year. We start 2016 with this brand new music video by Dhaval Parab, better known as D’Evil. Accompanying him on the track is India’s leading Female Hip-Hop artist Dee MC.

The track is called “Learn”, And it is all about the struggles that almost each and every artist goes through. Video has been Shot by Kedar Amburle, and it is nothing less than a piece of ART.

D’Evil on:
Facebook: facebook.com/devilmumbai
Twitter: @Thee_Evil

Dee MC:
Facebook: facebook.com/DeeMCOfficial
Twitter: @Deepa_DeeMC

Kedar Amburle:
Facebook: facebook.com/KedarAmburlePhotography

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D’evil – Antisocial (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

D’Evil, one half of the crew Munky Rhymz just released his brand new video “Antisocial”. The track is produced by Vinayak Jayaram. The video has been filmed by Kedar Amburle. The video also features rapper Dee MC along with Nikki Ambre and Rishika Shetty as the other characters in the video.

The rapper here talks about his instincts to society’s behavior towards him. In the song he tries to respond to the gestures done by the two faced society. With his antisocial penned down lyrics he tries to make a point that he is not scared of the society and its rules. and is someone who is not to be fucked with!

D’Evil: facebook.com/devilmumbai

Kedar Amburle: facebook.com/KedarAmburlePhotography

Vinayak Jayaram: facebook.com/vinayak.jayaram


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I Wonder Why- Mumbai’s Finest Feat. Munky Rhymz

i wonder why


Mumbai’s Finest and Munky Rhymz Just collaborated for a Conscious Hip Hop Track called ‘ I Wonder Why’ . This track was originally recorded like a year ago but was not released. The track has finally been re-mastered and released. The track is chopped,sampled and arranged by I’n’Stine aka Sajid Shaikh. The track features Ace aka 39 from Mumbai’s Finest, D ‘Evil & Enkore from Munky Rhymz.
This is available for a free download:


Mumbai’s finest On Facebook: facebook.com/mumbaisfinest

Mumbai’s finest On Twitter: @mumbaisfinest 

Munky Rhymz on Facebook at: facebook.com/munkyrhymz

Munky Rhymz on Twitter: @thisisenkore

Official Mf Youtube Channel: youtube.com/mumbaisfinest


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Enkore & Mo Boucher – Fall Of Babylon

Enkore & Mo Boucher – Fall Of Babylon

Mumbai’s own, Enkore is back with “Fall of Babylon”. On this track, along with Enkore is Mo Boucher, hailing from  Hyderabad

Fall Of Babylon within merely a few hours of release had producer Sez describing it as “the best old-school feel track of 2012…this tops everything, and Mo Boucher’s dub voice and flow was especially amazing,” and conscious rapper A-List applauding it’s “mindblowing lyrics and addictive flow.”

The song has two heavy weights of the Indian rap scene collaborating for the first time since Indian Flava – which is arguably the biggest Indian hip-hop collaboration to date, also featuring the likes of Ishq Bector, Brodha V, etc.

Enkore is a 20 year old MC hailing from Mumbai, part of the crew Munky Rhymz (his crew mate D’evil released his mixtape ‘Madman’ only recently). Mo Boucher, hailing from Hyderabad, is one of the veterans of the scene, known for his thought-provoking lyricism and reggae and dub-inspired flows with the lyricism and verse structure of rap.

‘Fall Of Babylon’ is produced by Allrounda Productions, and the 2 MCs take this opportunity to slander the systems of governance, oppression and other misplaced authority. Their performance has been praised to such extents where a follow-up collaboration is already being asked for from some quarters.

Enkore will have more music coming out soon, both solo as well as with Munky Rhymz partner D’evil. After spending the year juggling various commitments but collaborating with the best in the scene. Mo Boucher has seen a recent return to form, releasing his new song ‘Systemic Hypnosis’ only recently.

Enkore & Mo Boucher – Fall Of Babylon is not available for download as of now.

Enkore on Facebook: facebook.com/thisisenkore

Enkore on Twitter: twitter.com/ankur_enkore

Mo Boucher on Facebook: facebook.com/moboucherofficial


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Represent – 5 Indian Rappers

Represent – 5 Indian Rappers
New Delhi based rap group FBI’s MC Feral drops a brand new track called: “Represent – 5 Indian Rappers”. The track includes Smokey (Machas with Attitude), Rapper BigDeal (TwoMuch), Rob C (Kaala Kurta Gang), Enkore (Munky Rhymz) and Emcee Feral (FBI New Delhi).   The track has been produced by Rakshit, who is also the in house producer of FBI. The track has an old skool vibe, With a sitar sample, which gives it an Indian feel.  It has no hook, but scratches in between the verses. Its a must listen, as all the Emcees murder the beat one by one.

“This Idea came to my mind last year when Machas with Attitude Released a Similar posse cut “Indian Flava” which had many Indian Rappers, NRI’s and Mainstream Rappers as well” Said MC Feral, when asked bout how he came up with the idea of the track.


You can catch all the rappers in the track here:

Smokey – The Ghost (From Machas With Attitude – B’lore): facebook.com/smokeythemacha
Rapper Big Deal (From Two Much – B’Lore)BIG-DEAL
Enkore ( From Munky Rhymz – Mumbai) : facebook.com/ankur.johar
ROB C ( From Kaala Kurta Gang – Mohali): facebook.com/robc172
Emcee Feral (From FBI – New Delhi City) facebook.com/EmceeFeralOfficial
Produced by Rakshit a.k.a Rax on the Beat:  facebook.com/rakshitbahl

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D’evil Presents MadMan [Mixtape]

   D’evil presents MadMan

   Artist : D’evil
   Released : 21/12/2012
   Genre : Desi Hip Hop   
   Number Of Tracks : 15
   Duration: 32:35










01- Intro
02- Thats Wrong (Feat. Enkore)
03- Enkore’s Mom Calling (Skit)
04- Indian Men Can’t Rap
05- Dirty Emcees (Feat. A-List)
06- Gimme a Light
07- Marijuana Rhapsody
08- Bad Mic (Interlude)
09- Hardknock Calling (Skit)
10- Whack the Rapper (Feat. Hardknock)
11- Goof Ups
12- Ninonika
13- The Girl in my Classroom
14- Weird Thoughts
15- Outro

One of the finest rappers outta mumbai, one half of Hiphop crew Munky Rhymz, D’evil drops his brand new mixtape titled MadMan.
If you are a true hiphop listener, and if you actually pay attention to the lyrics, this mixtape is for you. You might notice a westcoast / detroit golden era hiphop influence on the tape. Right from the intro, one would figure out the craziness he is about to witness on the mixtape.

Download “D’evil presents MadMan” : Click here 
Alternate download link: Click here

D’evil on Facebook: facebook.com/devilmunkyrhymz
D’evil on Twitter: @Devil_Dhaval

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