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Anand – Nasir Chronicles:Quality Edition

Nasir Chronicles - Quality Edition

Thane based produced Anand a.k.a. Nasir-El-Amin drops his first mixtape. It is titled as Nasir Chronicles : Quality Edition. It is an instrumental mixtape, and contains 9 instrumentals. Each instrumental has a different vibe to it. The whole sound of the mixtape is really different from what we usually get to hear in the underground scene. Here is what Anand had to say about the mixtape :

“My EP isn’t just the art that I wanted to put out. Also it was an answer to every arrogant producer that ever offended us. Saying politely, “Look at me now, how my anger worked out for me”. Not in the skies yet, still on the ground, but that’s the real word I want to put out to them guys who’d now automatically know if I’m targeting them. How you like me now?

Best believe anything can happen.”

This is a mixtape that cannot be missed by any underground hip-hop fan / producer / rapper. Make sure y’all check this out.

Download the mixtape here: Click to download

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