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Nau Sau Bai (922) – The Album

Album : Nau Sau Bai – 922
Released : 27/08/2011
Label : Beat Factory Music
Format : Digital Release
Genre : Desi Hip/Hop
Number Of Tracks : 13
Executive Producer :  Gaurav Dayal (Beat Factory Music)

Track List :
1. Pink Vodka
2. Intro – Nau Sau Bai
3. Tumbi Riding Gangsters
4. Sheran De Bache
5. Ik Din
6. Gamaan Di Raat
7. Boom Boom Jawani
8. Desi Lifestyle
9. Khule Karche
10. Jawani Teri
11. Night Out
12. Bottles On Me
13. 922 Anthem
After the hit single “Nau Sau Bai”, Ikka JB, and ADX are back with their Debut album, titled 922. The much awaited album is released as a digital release as of now. Album contains 13 smashing tracks, each one having their own flavor.
A Must Check Out Album For All Desi Hip/Hop Lovers !
Listen / Buy online : Click Here

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Bohemia – Na Suno


The King of Punjabi Rap, Bohemia Is Back, With the track “Na Suno”, a track from his upcoming album, which he just leaked on his twitter.
This track is a must listen, with Bohemia goin hard, He talks about how it goes in the industry and his experiences till now. The king showing people how its done.
Bohemia’s Upcoming Album Which Will Be Releasing Near This September

A Must Check Out Track For All The Bohemia Fans !

Bohemia On Facebook

Bohemia on Twitter

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