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Rdikulus (RD) – Back In Time [Official Video]

Queens based rapper RD A.K.A. RDIKULUS,  Who is best known for the tracks “2 of the best” with BOHEMIA, “Stop it” & “Shaukeen Balliye” with Kru172, Is back with his new single. The track is called “Back In Time”, and it has been written, performed and produced by RD himself. This track is different from his usual releases, with a different vibe and subject matter. We spoke to RD about his new release, and here’s what he had to say:

It’s just a song anybody can relate to, That if you had the chance to do it over and do it right, You would. People sometimes say “I wouldn’t change a thing”, That’s bullshit. Everybody would change so they can have a better outcome, And a more satisfying outcome
So therefore, “I would back once more for mine. I would go back twice more for mine. I’d keep going back till I get it right!”

Another interesting thing that we noticed was the track playing in the intro of the video. The track sounds really similar to his 2006 hit “2 of the Best”. Could it be a sequel to the track. Is there a possibility that Bohemia and RD might be coming back together again ? I guess only time will tell.

Connect with RD:

Facebook: facebook.com/rdikulus
Twitter: @rdikulus
Instagram: instagram.com/rdikulus
Snapchat: rdikulus

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HindiRapSoldier-“Naamcheen” [Prod. by KeepSake]


HindiRapSoldier-“Naamcheen” [Prod. by KeepSake]


So much talent keeps coming up from different parts of the country. A great example of this is HindiRapSoldier from Jalandhar. You probably last heard him on a KeepSake track called “Kader” . Well here he is again, this time with a solo track. The track is called “Naamcheen” and is produced by KeepSake.

The track is about the ambitions of a young boy from the streets trying to make it. HindiRapSoldier displays his great lyrical abilities on the track. KeepSake, one of the top hindi emcees from the north, shows off his production skills with this track, The beat sounds like the work of a veteran producer.

Here is what he had to say when we spoke to HindiRapSoldier about the track:

“Naamcheen” was written a year ago, and KeepSake was the most played artist on my playlist at that time. So there’s even a line in the song that goes like “suna jab apne jaise ko KeepSake mein alag baat hai”.
Then i decided that KeepSake is going to produce the beat for it.

Facebook: facebook.com/hindirapsoldiermusic

Facebook: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage
Twitter: @IamKeepSake

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KeepSake – Bad Man Flow Ft. Fotty Seven (Prod. By KeepSake)

Keepsake is one emcee who never disappoints. And he is back again with BAD MAN FLOW. The track also features Fotty Seven. And this time, Keepsake is not only killing the beat, he has produced it as well.

So read the words “BAD MAN FLOW” again, these would be stuck in your head for a while now, after listening to this song. Y’all should also watch out for Fotty Seven. These guys go hard on the beat. Here is what Keepsake had to say when we asked him about the track:

I conceived the idea of BMF a long time ago while I was at a friends place discussing music with him. BMF is different than any other of my tracks, normally I do not do this stuff. But, once in a while it’s okay to just have fun so this is exactly that. My listeners should not take this track seriously, also My very good friend Ankit Gudwani a.k.a. Fotty Seven is also on the track. I swear I was dyeing to work with this guy, he is immensely talented and I love his style, ya’ll should really check out his stuff he is dope. This song was the perfect opportunity to work with him. Also, just like my previous song I have given a nod to another 90’s phenomenon Bad Man himself Mr.Gulshan Grover. This is dedicated to him.”

Connect with Keepsake on

Facebook: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage
Twitter: @IamKeepSake

Fotty Seven:
Facebook: facebook.com/47.rapkingz

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“Beta Baap Aaye ” – Su Real and Ace aka 39 | Mumbai’s Finest

Mumbai’s Finest has been making Rap and Hip Hop Music Independently Since 2006. Considered by many as India’s Best Rap Crew, they never fail to deliver. Ace aka 39, the crews founder and lead emcee,  has just dropped his latest project featuring Dj Su Real.

Beta Baap Aaye is an official collab between Ace aka 39 from Mumbai’s Finest, Mumbai and Dj Su Real from New Delhi. It is a genre bender hip hop track that mixes the traditional tabla with an electronic sound. Ace aka 39 talks about the mumbai mindstate and the kinda position and authority he holds in the city. The Video is shot at Qyuki Music, Bandra and also features Kinga Rhymes and MTV Splitsvilla 7 Contestant, Rosemary Fernandes.

“I wanted to make a flashy 90’s style video”, says Ace aka 39. The video has been shot on a croma green screen and it has a wicked storyline attached to it. The video even sports 3d graphics and a custom designed Impala . This is Mumbai’s Finest ‘s first project with Qyuki Music, which is AR Rahman and Shekhar Kapur’s Artist and Music  Management company.

Download track:

Hungama –  http://goo.gl/gvGqk6

iTunes India –   https://goo.gl/uYp1J3   

iTunes International –  https://goo.gl/NPLOiO

Artist Aloud – http://goo.gl/gepLFb

Mf On Facebook: facebook.com/mumbaisfinest

Join Su Real On Facebook: facebook.com/RealSuReal

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Pardhaan & JB – Keda Ni Jaanda [Official Video]

Here is the official video for “Keda Ni Jaanda” by Pardhaan & JB. It is a massive collaboration between two giants in the desi underground hiphop scene. Desi Beam and Nau Sau Bai come together for the first time to bring out this video. The track “Keda Ni Jaanda” is from “Breakout – The Biggest Indian Mixtape”, which was entirely produced by ADX. The video also features cameo appearances by One Commission members Zan, Mojo, Parv, Guru, G-Frekey & Nottotune.
The track as well as the mixtape is still available for free download.

For more info & Downloads check: Breakout the Biggest Indian Mixtape 

Nau Sau Bai Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/Go922

Desi Beam Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

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JB & Pardhaan – Keda Ni Janda [Official Video] [Promo]


Two of the giants in the underground hiphop scene collaborate, as they bring out this video. JB from Nau Sau Bai, and Pardhaan from Desi Beam drop the promo for their upcoming video “Keda Ni Jaanda”. The track is from “Breakout- The biggest Indian mixtape”. The video has been shot & directed by Sandy Goswami. Watch out for the full video, and exclusive behind the scenes footage, only on DRS TV.

Nau Sau Bai on facebook: facebook.com/Go922
Desi Beam on facebook: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Related: Click to get more info & Download links for breakout

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Emcee Dappear – “Party Time” ft. MC Sandman

Emcee Dappear drops “Party Time” featuring MC Sandman. Check Out The Official Music Video Directed & Edited By East&Asia Productions.

Emcee Dappear on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emcee-Dappear/166419023443519

MC Sandman on Facebook :facebook.com/mcsandman

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MC Heam – “Haar Ke Pal” ft. Charlie Slum

The 6th Release From MC Heam’s Mixtape “Veda Astra” Is Now Available Worldwide Over YouTube. Titled As :Haar Ke Pal” ft. Charlie Slum From Pittsburgh. The Titled Explains It All. Check It Out!

MC Heam On Facebook : www.facebook.com/iamheam
Charlie Slum On Facebook : www.facebook.com/CharlieSlum412

FREE Audio Download Link : http://hu.lk/vh9hnbid54z0

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Slumgods & DRS Presents : Kru172 , Desi Beam Along With Mandeep Sethi At The 5,6,7 Club On The 31st March.

[Kidkee Park Jam Afterparty] : Slumgods & DRS Presents ,

Mandeep Sethi & Slumgods Live at Khidkee Park Jam Afterparty, for the launch party of Mandeep Sethi’s Brand New Mixtape “Ajna Chakra”. Also performing are MC’s from Chandigarh, Desi Beam & Kru172, Alongside Zan from 2Shadez.
The First 100 Entries Will Get Mandeep Sethi’s Brand New Mixtape “AJNA CHAKRA.
Venue : Club 5,6,7, Hotel Grand Sartaj, Green Park (Near Green Park Metro Station)
Slumgods On Facebook : facebook.com/SlumGods 
DRS On Facebook : facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow
The MC’s That Are Gonna Be Live On The 31st Of March At The Event :

Mandeep Sethi On Facebook :facebook.com/mandeepsethiX
Kru172 On Facebook : facebook.com/Kru172
Desi Beam On Facebook : facebook.com/desibeamofficial
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922 Live at IP College [Coverage by DRS TV]

Check out this video, as JB & ADX rock the stage at IP college for women, new delhi
The DRS crew was there for an exclusive coverage of the show. 922 performed many of their hit singles, as well as some fresh tracks from their upcoming projects.

922 on facebook : facebook.com/Go922

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DHH on facebook : facebook.com/1desihiphop
DHH on Twitter : @1desihiphop

DRS TV / The Desi Rapper Show 
DRS on Facebook : facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow 
DRS on Twitter :  @DesiRapperShow

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