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Kru172 – “Play It Loud” [BreakOut / Promo]

The 3rd Promo Of ADX’s Mixtape “Break Out” Is Out Now. Titled As “Play It Loud” ft. Kru172 On The Hook / Bars & The Main Man ADX Himself On The Production. Check It Out Yo!

Nau Sau Bai On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/NauSauBai
Kru172 On Facebook : www.Facebook.com/Kru172 

BreakOut – The Mixtape On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/breakoutbim

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“Samurai Jack” – Kru172 [DRS Jam Sessions ]

Kru172 live at DRS Jam Sessions, Nottotune & L.U.C.K.Y. droppin some sick verses in punjabi, Kickin it old skool style. Video Filmed by Harinderjit Warraich.

Official Kru172 Website : kru172.com
Kru172 on Facebook : facebook.com/kru172
Nottotune on Twitter : @nottotune

DRS on Facebook : facebook.com/TheDesiRapperShow
DRS on Twitter : @DesiRapperShow

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Lucky – Only 19

Kru172’s Lucky Drops his new solo “Only 19”. The track is produced by Kru172’s other half Nottotune. This track has an old skool vibe to it. It samples legendary Mobb Deep’s trademark single “Shook Ones Part II” on the hook. Listen to the track, and lets us know what you guys feel, as Lucky goes hard with promising lyrics and old skool flow.

Kru172 on Facebook : facebook.com/kru172
Nottotune on twitter : @nottotune

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MC Dappear – Methodical Melodies

Mixtape : Methodical Melodies

Artist : MC Dappear
Released : September 26, 2011
Format : MP3
Genre : Desi Hip/Hop
Number Of Tracks : 10
Album Duration : 31:23
Production : 2Deep, Undefined, Poetic Justis, Bigg Donk, Nottotune.
Tracklisting :
01. Journey to Casino’s (Feat. Sandman & DJ Danny) [Prod. 2Deep]
02. Aaja Main (Feat. Sarthak & Shristi M ) [Prod. Undefined Power]
03. Look into your eyes [Prod. 2Deep]
04. Satguru Sai Ram (Feat. Sarthak M)[Prod. 2Deep]
05. One More Night (Feat. MC Sandman)[Prod. MC Sandman]
06. Real Deal (Feat. Nottie Dogg) [Prod. Nottotune ]
07. Tum ho Wahi (Feat. Shristi M) [Prod. 2deep]
08. Cause I Never [Prod. 2Deep]
09. Gangsta Boyz [Prod. Poetic Justis]
10. Swag Freestyle [Produced by Bigg Donk ]
“Methodical Melodies” is the first ever mixtape from MC Dappear , Featuring artists like Nottotune,MC Sandman, DJ Danny,Sarthak & Srishti Mathur, and many more. Overseas Collaborations.  Methodical Melodies is simply about rap music, from religious songs to feet tapping joints, Y’all love it.
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Yung Hni And Nottie – Giddeyan Di Rani

The “Dil Di Rani” Duo is back. Desi Beam’s Yung Hni and Kru172’s Nottie are back together after 3 years, And this time with another Club Banger. The track is called “Giddeyan Di Rani”.
The track has a totally different vibe as compared to “Dil Di Rani”. This track has a Hiphop / Bhangra Fusion vibe, being produced by the top Punjabi bhangra / Hip Hop producer Panjabi MC, and Vocals by the Legendary AS Kang, there is no doubt about how big the track is going to be.
Trust me, you just can’t afford to miss this one.

Desi Beam On Facebook
Kru172 On Facebook

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G Frekey Presents ” GanJ-Ha ” – The Mixtape

Mxtape : GanJ-Ha

Artist :

Released :

Format : CD & Download Link

Genre : Desi Hip/Hop

Number Of Tracks : 15

Album Duration :

Production/Label : Daa Parv

Price : 50 Rupees

Album Track List :

2. Daaru – Aakashdeep , G Frekey & Slyck

3. Watcha Looking At – 2-Shades & MoJo

4. Pyaar Kitta – 7 Days & Mohit

5. Takdeeran – Daa Parv , V.I.C Crack & DJ Danny

6. Grindin Grindin – 2-Shades , M.K & Nottie

7. Let My Swag On (Remix) – MoJo , G Frekey & Pardhaan

8. 3 Verses – M-Donk Featuring P.B 11

9. M Ridin (Remix) – 2Shades Featuring MoJo

10. Blazin Love (Remix) – Undefined Power Featuring V.I.C Crack & DJ Danny

11. Like A G6 – MoJo & G Frekey

12. Supa-Man – G Frekey

13. Shawty Wanna Ride (Next Level) – 7 Days

14. Love Is Gone – Daa Parv , Nottie , Sahiba , Zan & GD – Singh

15. Outro – Carless Boy

GanJ-Ha – The Mixtape Is A Mixture Of Desi & Urban Beats . The Productions Are Done By The Best Underground Producers , Producers Like : Daa Parv , Nottotune . It Features The Vocals Of Artists Like ” Aakashdeep , Desi Beam , 2 Shades , 7 Days , Mohit , V.I.C Crack , DJ Danny , M.K , M-Donk , P.B 11 , Undefined Power , Sahiba & GD – Singh .
If You Are A Desi Hip/Hop Lover – The Mixtape Is The Perfect Thing For You . The Mixtape Is Available – All Over The World , Through A Free Internet Download Link . Support The Mixtape By Downloading & Spreading The Music .

Click Here To Download The Mixtape

The Official Facebook Page Of The Mixtape

If anybody needs a Labelled Jewel Case CD for the mixtape, please contact G-Frekey

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Get It On The Floor (Desi Remix) – Official Music Video

Kru172 is out with a Music video for their hit single “Get it on the Floor [Desi Remix]”. The track is a collaboration with 2Shadez, and is produced by Da Muzical Doctorz. This track is a remix to a track of same name by Rapper DMX.
The Music video is made by Nottie himself, and shows Kru172 & 2Shadez performing live at various events. Enjoy the track, and the video.

Download Link : Click here to Download

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Love is gone (Prod. Daa Parv)

Hot new single featuring Nottie from Kru172 taking it to the next level with 2 verses, Zan from 2Shades ripping it and Gaggy “Da Sikh Rapper” A.K.A. GD Singh showing how it’s done and the sizzling new voice Sahiba.
Real Talk,this track focusses on watever is goin around in the world today.
Show your support and like it if u feel the vibe.

Track : Love is Gone
Vocals : GD Singh, Zan, Nottie
Chorus by : Sahiba
Prod. by : Daa Parv.
Download Link : Click here to Download

Artist Links :

Official GD Singh Facebook Fanpage : Click here to Visit
2Shades Official Facebook Fanpage : Click Here to Visit
Kru172 Official Facebook Fanpage : Click here to Visit

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Nottie & Roxy : ONE The Album

O.N.E. -Underground Collaboration album by Nottie from Kru172, and Roxy,The Teen Rap Sensation from Libya, is finally released.
This album contains 12 tracks in total,produced by DJ Parv,DJ Jas and Nottie himself.
Album’s first single,”Just Me” which featured DJ Danny and Deepa Sai,was released a few days ago,which got a great response,crossing 200 downloads in 48 hours from its release.

Guest Appearances include DJ Danny, Jazz Dhaliwaal, Tha Parv and Kru172 member Lucky on various tracks.

Production comes from Tha Parv (Desi beam) on 3 tracks Vichhora(Tera Mera Saath), “Just Me” and “Wish If” , By DJ Jas on “Kawaan Reloaded” and “Gal Sun ja (Rap Mix) (co-produced with Nottie)”
Rest 7 Tracks are Produced by Nottie Himself.

Tracklisting (Click to download):

1 Intro (ONE)
2 We Are ONE” Feat. DJ Danny
3 “Gal Sun Ja” Feat. Jazz
4 “Vichhora (Tera Mera Saath)” Feat. The Parv (Prod. Tha Parv)
5 “Just Me” Feat. DJ Danny and Deepa Sai
6 “Gal Sun Ja-Reggaeton Mix” Feat. Jazz
7 “Put It Up”-Kru172 and Roxy
8 “Kawaan Reloaded” (Prod. DJ JAS)
9 “They Can’t”-Feat. DJ Danny
10 “Gareeb Rappers”
11 “Wish If” Feat. Slyck
12 “Outro (Thank You)”

Listen to the Promo of ONE tracks : Click here
Download the Complete album in ZIP format : Click here

Hope you like the album.

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