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Hindi Rap veteran Pardhaan drops his brand new track, which happens to be the promotional song for “The Great Karnal Run”. The track titled “Bhaagte Jao” has been produced by Harry Cheema, and the video has been directed by Dhillon Creations.

Promotional song for ‘THE GREAT KARNAL RUN’ happening on
31-05-2015 ! LETS RUN !

‎For Registration : http://karnalmarathon.org/register/
Send your Name, Contact details & Address.
E Mail : karnalmarathon@gmail.com
Or Contact +91-92154-00111/555

Download link : http://www.reverbnation.com/pardhaan

Artist : Pardhaan: facebook.com/aslipardhaan
Music : Harry Cheema: facebook.com/HarryCheemaMusic
Video : Dhillon Creations: facebook.com/dhilloncreationz
Edited : Nottotune: facebook.com/nottotune
Digitally Powered by One Digital Entertainment:facebook.com/onedigitalentertainment


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Kru172 & Rdikulus- Stop It [Official Video]

Chandigarh based Hip-Hop Duo, Kru172 are back with “Stop It”. They have been pretty active this year, dropping videos every few months.
After getting a great response on their last video “Sunlo Gall”, Kru172 have dropped another bomb before the year ends. This time they have collaborated with none other than Rdikulus from New York, for the track “Stop It”. Rdikulus is known for his collaborations, “2 of the Best” with Bohemia, and “Famous In the Club” with Jasmine Sandlas.
The track has been produced by Lucky of Kru172, Video has been filmed on various locations in Chandigarh, and New York.

Do share your views on the videos everyone.

“Stop It”  free download: Click to Download



Official Website: kru172.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Kru172

Youtube: youtube.com/Kru172Music
Google Plus: plus.google.com/+Kru172
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/kru172
Instagram: instagram.com/Kru172

Facebook: facebook.com/officialrdikulus
Twitter: @RDIKULUS
Youtube: youtube.com/RDIKULUS
Instagram: instagram.com/RDIKULUS
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/rdikulus
Vimeo: vimeo.com/rdikulus


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Kru172- Sunlo Gall [Teaser]


Chandigarh based Hip-Hop Duo, Kru172 have just dropped a teaser to their upcoming video. the track is called “Sunlo Gall”, and is produced by Kru172. Video has been filmed by Harry Cheema, and edited by Nottotune of Kru172. The video was filmed at Chandigarh Street Art Festival, which is held every year at Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh. Full video is scheduled to be released on April 13, 2014.


Kru172 on the web:

Official Website: kru172.com
Facebook Page: facebook.com/Kru172
Official Twitter: @Kru172Music
Google+ : plus.google.com/+Kru172
Youtube Channel: youtube.com/Kru172Music
Instagram: https://instagram.com/Kru172


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We Flowin [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions returns with a brand new episode. This time its Enkore. Enkore becomes first rapper ever, out of mumbai, to be featured on an episode of DRS Jam Sessions. Enkore collaborates with Nottotune of Kru172 from Chandigarh. The beat is produced by one of the best hip-hop producers outta Delhi, SEZ from Sapno Ki Nagri. This is also the first time that artists from 3 different parts of the country came together. Check this brand new episode out, as Sez, Enkore & Nottotune create magic.



Facebook :facebook.com/thisisenkore
Twitter: @thisisenkore
Website: http://www.thisisenkore.com



Facebook: facebook.com/kru172
Twitter: @nottotune
Website: http://www.kru172.com



Facebook: facebook.com/iamsez


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“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

“What’s Yo Numba ?” – GD Singh feat. Nottotune

Rapper / Producer GD Singh aka Da Sikh Rapper has dropped his brand new single. The track is called “What’s Yo Numba ?”, and features Nottotune from Kru172 on the last verse. The track has been produced by GD Singh himself. It is all about GD Singh and Nottotune asking girls for their phone numbers in a rather funny manner. Another special thing about this track is the unique lyrics video which features GD Singh & Nottotune’s animated faces along with the lyrics on screen. The track is available for free download.


Click Here



Facebook: facebook.com/thesikhrapper

Twitter: @dasikhrapper



Facebook: facebook.com/Kru172
Twitter: @Kru172Music

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Guru & Lucky – Ikk Duni Do [Audio Teaser]

Guru & Lucky: Ikk Duni Do [Audio Teaser]

Guru from Desi Beam & Lucky from Kru172 have dropped the audio teaser for their upcoming collaboration “Ikk Duni Do”. The full track would be released soon along with a possible video. The track has been produced by Nottotune of Kru172. The beat has an old skool east coast vibe to it. This teaser is Lucky’s first release since “Only 19” music video, and Guru’s first release since “Sajna Ve Sajna” video. Both Guru and Lucky told DRS TV that they have been working on brand new projects, which would be out in future.

You can catch Guru & Lucky on following Links:


Desi Beam Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/desibeamofficial
Guru’s Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/gurudesibeam
Guru’s Official Twitter: @ThisIsGuru

Lucky / Nottotune:

Kru172 Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/Kru172
Kru172 Official Twitter: @Kru172Music
Nottotune’s Official Twitter: @nottotune


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Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas – “Tuney Kyun” [Teaser]

Pardhaan, Slyck & DJ Jas – “Tuney Kyun” [Teaser]

Here is the teaser for brand new video featuring Pardhaan, Slyck and DJ Jas. After Producing singles like Gal Sunja, Kawaan [Remix] & Deewana Mujhsa Nahi, DJ Jas now brings to you his brand new drop “Tuney Kyun” along with Pardhaan from Desi Beam, and Slyck from 2Shadez. The video has been filmed & edited by Nottotune. The full video is scheduled to be released on 13-07-2013.




DJ Jas:


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Wizy Manuels – “One More Time” [Official Music Video]

Check Out The Brand New Music Video “One More Time” By New Delhi Based Rapper Wizy Manuels Released Under Cessa Records. The Track Is Produced By Sagar & Mixed By Wizy Himself. The Video Directed By Kru172 Member Nottotune. Check It Out!


Wizy Manuels on Facebook: Wizy Manuels

Cessa Records on Facebook: Cessa Records

Nottotune on Facebook: Nottotune

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“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Official Video]

“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Official Video]

After getting an amazing response to the teaser, Guru from Desi Beam drops the full video of his brand new single “Sajna ve Sajna”. The video features appearance by Vocalist Amrita Rana along with Guru. The track has been produced by Daa Parv. Video has been directed by Guru himself along with Nottotune, and Edited by Nottotune. Sajna Ve Sajna is the comeback single of Guru, after his long absense from the music scene.


Desi Beam’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Guru’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/gurudesibeam

Daa Parv’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/daaparv

Amrita Rana’s Official Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/AmritaRanaOfficial

Nottotune on Twitter: @nottotune


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“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Teaser]

“Sajna Ve Sajna” – Guru Feat. Amrita Rana [Teaser]

One Commission member Guru (Formerly known as Yung Hni ) from Desi Beam, drops the teaser for his long awaited track “Sajna Ve Sajna”. The track features vocals by superbly talented vocalist Amrita Rana, who also features in the video. Amrita Rana has previously done a track called “Tere Bina” (Produced By The PropheC) with Prabh Gill,  for his lastest album “Endless”. Sajna Ve Sajna is produced by the in house producer, Desi Beam’s own Daa Parv.  The video has been directed by Guru himself, along with fellow One Commission member Nottotune. The full video would be launched on 03-03-13. Anticipation has been building about the track since the day it got aired on Radio in Karachi, which was also heard online by fans worldwide.


Guru’s Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/gurudesibeam

Desi Beam’s official Facebook Page: facebook.com/desibeamofficial

Daa Parv’s Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/daaparv

Amrita Rana’s Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/AmritaRanaOfficial

Nottotune on facebook: facebook.com/nottotune


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