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Poetik Justis – Voices in The Wild [Prod By SEZ]

POETIK JUSTIS- Voices in the Wild [Prod. by SEZ]

Poetik Justis drops the music video for “Voices in the wild”. This is his first music video from his album “Greatness”. The track has been produced by SEZ. The video has been shot and edited by Nikhil Vaiude. The video entails the journey of  a Hip-Hop listener in Mumbai City. Everbody has been loving the album already. We hope to see more music videos from the album soon.

“Greatness” is available for download on: greatness.co.in

Poetik Justis:
Facebook: facebook.com/I.am.Poetik.Justis
Twitter: @Poetik_Justis

Facebook: facebook.com/iamsez


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Poetik Justis-Greatness [Album]


This surely is a good time for the Indian Hip-Hop scene. First, Enkore dropped his album “Libra Scale”, and now Poetik Justis finally drops his long awaited debut album Greatness.

Its a 10 track album, with production by SEZ, HHB, AgeOfEdo, Dorian X and KeepSake.  The album mostly features solo tracks, with one exception (Track 10-All That). The only artist featured on the album is Keepsake.


Poetik Justis speaks about “Greatness”:

The album in an overview is about trying to find or achieve greatness in different ways. I’ve tried to talk about a lot of things in the album, most of these things have come from the things I have seen or learnt in my life experiences till date. This is why the album title is as such. It’s not about just one particular emotion or train of thought, it’s more of a collection of ideas and experiences and how it all affects our lives.”

You can download the album for FREE from: greatness.co.in

Poetik Justis on:

Facebook: facebook.com/I.am.Poetik.Justis
Twitter: @Poetik_Justis

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Rapper Lunch – Poetik Justis (feat. A-List) [Prod. By DJ BC]

Rapper Lunch (feat. A-List) [Prod. By DJ BC]

Poetik Justis drops DA BOMB on Emcees with his brand new music video. The track is called “Rapper Lunch”, And features A-List, Who happens to be one of the finest Indian Emcees to ever touch the mic.
Poetik and A-List drop bars back to back, which might offend a few wack rappers.
The video has been shot by Nikhil Vaiude, And shows Poetik and A-List in a room along with a Hostage. The video has a psycho
Here is what Poetik Justis had to say about the track when we spoke to him:

“The song was in the works for almost a year, we wrote for this last year but both of us got caught up in our work and didn’t really get the time to sit and work more on this track. This year after we finally got done with the song, me and A-List KNEW this was something way too different to be released just as another audio. This was where Nikhil Vaiude, the DOP and editor of the video came into picture, his ideas and direction have given light to this song and shootouts to Anuvrat Singh for some great acting skills!
The song was majorly made just for some bars, this is usually what we do on a daily basis and we thought why not just go all in and put it out there. All in all a great experience”

Connect with Poetik Justis and A-List

Poetik Justis

Facebook: facebook.com/iampoetikjustis
Twitter: @poetik_justis


Facebook: facebook.com/AListRap
Twitter: @alistrap

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The Great Indian #CipherChallenge

Poetik Justis Cypher Challenge


Mumbai based Emcee Poetik Justis has started a new movement in Indian underground Hip-Hop Scene. He has called the project #CipherChallenge.

He posted a video to his facebook page a few days ago. The video has Poetik dropping a verse to a beat produced by HHB, and nominating another Emcee, who has to then, respond within a week. And the series shall continue like this.

We spoke to Poetik about how he came up with the idea, and what was his motive behind it. Here’s what he told DRS:

“It all started when I felt like the HipHop scene per the course of the past few months has been slowly receding in terms of quality lyrics and basically I just wanted to bring that back a bit and so I came up with this series. Been wanting to do something like this for a long time and it feels good that I did.

I haven’t come up with this concept this is an already existing concept and I just wanted to try it out over here and you know the rest. I just feel that all the emcees on the challenge should bring their a-game on it and I see that happening because until now nobody’s failed to deliver or disappoint. Hoping to see a whole chunk of dope emcees from outta every corner of India hop on this”

Here are all the videos released so far under the #CipherChallenge:

  1. Poetik Justis #CipherChallenge: 


2. EMF (Asura)- #CipherChallenge


3. X-centrik – The Conscience Conflict #CipherChallenge


4. D’Evil – Bhalti Soch #CipherChallenge


5. Dee MC – Deeva #CipherChallenge





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Enkore & Poetik Justis – Eternal Shine

Enkore & Poetik Justis - Eternal Shine
Enkore and Poetik Justis’ new single ‘Eternal Shine’ is a song that for very long seemed like it would never be released, despite the clamour for a collaboration between the two Mumbai spitters, often considered among the best lyricists in India.

But, in the build up to a year that’s lining up to be pretty exciting for Indian hip hop – Eternal Shine gets to reach Enkore and Poetik’s fans’ ears. With Enkore talking about a new EP all over his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, we get this new release.

A free download, this soulful cut produced by The 6th Element is definitely one for fans of boom bap, jazzy hip hop with lyrical intricacy! Enkore has “a couple of more joints” ready to be unleashed before the album is ready. These singles are sure to be free downloads but he “might charge for the album. I’m still figuring that out.”

Free Download Eternal Shine  – click here



Facebook: facebook.com/thisisenkore

Twitter: @thisisenkore


Poetik Justis:

Facebook: facebook.com/I.am.Poetik.Justis

Twitter: @Poetik_Justis


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Poetik Justis -Underground King Pt. 2

Poetik Justis Underground King 2



Mumbai hip-hop veteran Poetik Justis drops his new track “Underground King 2”. According to Poetik Justis, this track is the “most insightful” track he has done in a while. Poetik is scheduled to drop a mixtape by the name of “Greatness”.

This is what Poetik had to say when We spoke to him regarding the track:  The track is going to be the last cover/remix type track I will be doing for a long while now. Its a bit different from a lot of my other stuff, but im exploring new content and experimenting a lot. Most probably, the next track I drop will be the first single off of my upcoming free album, ‘Greatness’.

Listen to the track here:




Poetik Justis:

Facebook Page: facebook.com/I.am.Poetik.Justis

Twitter handle: @Poetik_Justis


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Poetik Justis-Takeover

"Takeover" by Poetik Justis
“Takeover” by Poetik Justis


Mumbai based MC Poetik Justis drops his latest track called “Takeover”.  Poetik displays his insane flow and lyrical capabilities on this track, as he throws back to back punches on the “Control” beat. Beat changes to Eminem’s “Rap God” in the second half. “Takeover” is somewhat provoking in nature, just like “Control” and “Rap God”. Poetik also gives shoutouts to several veterans of the Indian underground Hip-Hop scene.

The track is a promo track from his upcoming project called “Greatness”, Which is scheduled to be released by July.

This is what Poetik had to say when we asked him about “Greatness”:
“I’ve been away for a long time, reinventing, innovating and polishing my skills and with this album I want to open up to the fans and all my supporters and give them a new Me. It will be nothing like LifeLines (my debut mixtape) and the album promises 2 major themes, greatness upon oneself, and greatness to the world.”

He further told us about the track “Takeover” :

“As to takeover, I felt like dropping the song JUST because I wanted to test myself a bit as far as skills are concerned, cuz I’ve been way too silent this past year just dropping one song ‘Genesis’ that came out a few months ago (scheduled to release with video this year).”

Poetik explained when we asked him about the messaged he intended to pass through this track:

“The message I really wanted to convey was basically to the new people ( and the new listeners) that come into Hip-Hop music and confuse it with something they think is easy to do, been seeing a lot of misconceptions around our music and wanted to remind them that lyrics and skill are still dominant parts of the music”.


You can listen to “Takeover” right here:


Follow Poetik Justis on:

Facebook – facebook.com/Iampoetikjustis
YouTube – youtube.com/thegodofrhyme
Twitter – @Poetik_Justis
Instagram – iampoetikjustis


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