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Desi Boome ” Assi Desi ” – Official Music Video

Desi Boome Presents His 2nd Official Single ” Assi Desi ” , Produced By ” DJ Veekash ” .
The Main Message Behind The Track Is That Desi’s Should Live & Let Others Live In Peace , There Is No Comparison Between Indians , Pakistani , Bangladeshi , Sri Lankan Or Maurisians – We’re All The Same .

Download Link :

For More Information/Bookings Contact :

Desi Boome Official Facebook Fan Page
Download ” Assi Desi ” Free

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Nau Sau Bai-922 feat. Gaurav Dayal

Delhi Based Desi Hiphop Group Nau Sau Bai, performing their new single “922” feat. Gaurav Dayal.
Off their upcoming album, and also a part of Universal “Desi Hustle” project.
Its got JB and Ikka on th verses.This fully pimped up video Features ADX, JB, Ikka and Gaurav Dayal.
This is one smashing track.A Must Listen for all desi hiphop fans.This video is a huge success and got major airplay on PTC networks.

Official website : go922.com
Facebook : Nau Sau Bai on Facebook

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Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper Live @ Lovely Professional University

Gaggy Da Sikh Rapper performing live @ Lovely Professional University Jallandhar.
Gaggy performing his track “Buniyad”, produced by ADX, along with some freestyle verses.
A really impressive performance by Da Sikh Rapper.he is one underground artist to look for.

check his performance out, and drop in your feedbacks.

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Music Across Boundaries : D.E.S.I. Mixtape Released

Music has no boundaries to it.
and a perfect example of this is this mixtape.The D.E.S.I. Mixtape.This mixtape is the perfect example of the unity of youth of today.
Consisting of rappers from India and Pakistan,these youngsters do not know of rivalry,all they know is to make music,and there is one common language,one way of expression,that is Hip Hop.

DO check this mixtape out friends,and don’t forget to drop in your comments.

Shoutouts to UP for the concept,and everybody who is a part of this Mixtape.

The track Listing :

1-Still Hood- DJ Danny feat.Rapid
2-Gunahgaar- Newgame feat Apocalypz 23
3-The Vicked Rebelz -Crack feat HBC
4-Akhian kamaal- Undefined Power,G-Frekey n M-Official
5-Pyaar aur Sharaab- vix,rapid,feral n evil
7-Blazin Love -Undefined Power feat Crack and G-Frekey
8-S.W.A.G. Anthem- Certified Homies
9-Husan lutera- Kru172(Nottie & Lucky)
10-Street Kings- M-Official & undefined power
11-Barjungle Rap- BeeJay
12-Desi girls- DJ Danny
13-Desi Peoplez in the Club-Nottie Dogg feat Undefined Power & Mojo
14-Pakistani Gangsta- Crack
15-Im Alkoholic- Certified Homies
16-Pervert- Hustler & Enkore(Munkyrhymez)

Download D.E.S.I. Mixtape : Click here to download

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M-Official – Officially Undefeated!

Here is a Banga of a track!

M-Official comes out with ‘Officially Undefeated’ which he certainly seems to be with the swag he got on this joint.

Some hot shit with the tried and tested formula of Punjabi+English.

I guess i’mma cut the talk and let the song itself BANG the message in!


M-Official – Officially Undefeated (direct download link)

M-Official “I’m lookin for some real rappers out there to make a crew man! Some dope dudes whom i can share a creative connection with.. if you know what i’m sayin man.. And anyways, i’m gonna be comin out with some real bangers soon..just beware man. Make sure y’all got a fire extinguisher for the blog! Haha!”

Contact M-Official Here:

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