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Rob C , Who Is Currently Working On His Upcoming Debut Mixtape “Outlandish”, Has Officially Announced That He Has Got His FIRST BOLLYWOOD BREAK In A Movie Scheduled To Be Released In The Next 2-3 Months.

He Has Recorded A Track With None Other Than MIKA SINGH.
BIG THINGS Coming Soon, Make Sure Ya’ll Have A Click On The Links :

Rob C On Facebook : www.facebook.com/robc172

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Explyrix – “Break Up” ft. Pragya [Made In India]

Check Out Explyrix (F.B.I) , With His Brand New Collboration Featuring Pragya. Track Name Is “Break Up” & Is Basically Telling You It’s Story In The Song. Got Released With An Official Music Video & Released Under The Record Label “Rap-A-City Records”. 4th Single From His Upcoming Mixtape “Made In India” , Can’t Miss This One – Trust Me!

Rap-A-City Records On Facebook : www.facebook.com/RAPACITY.RECORDS
Explyrix On Facebook : www.facebook.com/Explyrix
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“I’m the Boss – Emcee Feral [Stay Schemin’s Cover Rick Ross – 2012]”

Ain’t No One Stopping Emcee Feral , Tracks After Tracks. Here Is Another One , Check Out Emcee Feral’s Brand New Release “I’am The Boss” , A Cover Version Of “Stay Schemin”.
Emcee Feral on Facebook : www.facebook.com/fbi.emcee.feral
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Emcee Feral – ” Old School” ft. D’evil & Enkore [Refill – The Mixtape]

Check Out The 8th Track From Emcee Feral’s Upcoming Mixtape “The Refill” Which Will Be Out Soon. Track Gives You An Old School Touch , So Is The Titel Named As “Old School” With Emcee Feral Himself On The First Feral , D’evil & Enkore From The “MUNKY RHYMES” On The 2nd & 3rd Verses.
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JB (Nau Sau Bai) – “Gerhi Route” [Prod. ADX]

Concept and Music: ADX

Lyrics, Composition and Vocals: JB
The concept of this track came from the Gerhi Route.
Gerhi Route is a culture followed by the new generation of Punjab.
Basically this track is all about what girls and guys do when they are on a Gerhi in different parts of Punjab. The lyrics written by JB are easy to relate to for the Punjabis.
And what makes this track unique is the beat. The thump of the intro beat is from the Engine of an Enfield.
The Bullet Engine sound was recorded live using a Mic and a Laptop at 3 AM.
“We guys went out kick-started the Bullet and recorded the live Exhaust sound. Brought the recorded sounds back to the studio, then we chopped and sampled the best recording according to the tempo of the beat.”
This is the USP of this track because no one has ever tried something like this on a rap beat.
JB (Nau Sau Bai) On Facebook : .facebook.com/jbTalkin
ADX (Nau Sau Bai) On Facebook : facebook.com/adx247
Nau Sau Bai Official Facebook Fan Page : facebook.com/Go922
Download The Track For *FREE* : Click Here

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Enkore – Beatdown [Mixtape]

 Mixtape : Beatdown

Artist : Enkore
Released : January 10, 2011
Format : Digital Release
Genre : Desi Hip/Hop
Number Of Tracks : 19
Album Duration : 44:10
Production : Various
Price : Free Download

One of the best few artistes that is an active part of the hip-hop revolution that is slowly but steadily taking over India, releases BeatDown.

Enkore’s take on a lot of the recent hits and hip-hop favourites.

With a lot of different topics and moods on the mixtape, this guarantess to have at least one song for every person and every mood. 

 Download Beatdown For Free : Click Here
 Enkore’s Blog : thisisenkore.blogspot.com
Enkore on Facebook : facebook.com/thisisenkore
 Enkore on Twitter : @ankur_enkore
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