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Keepsake & Sez – Shakti


Delhi based Duo “Sapno Ki Nagri” (Sez and KeepSake) have released a brand new track called “Shakti”. The track raises a sensitive issue of domestic violence. It gives a strong message, as Deep lyricism of Keepsake and production by sez, combines with powerful visuals by Anubhav Singh.

“Tearing away the force of domination, a woman seeks liberation in rage song produced/engineered by Sajeel Kapoor.”

Song written/performed by: Kartikaya Shiv Omrania

Directed by: Anubhav Singh.

Assistant direction: Nandini Bansal, Chanakya Jajoria, Dhananjay Shetgoankar, Tanya Gupta, Amulya Shastri, Vishrut Singh.

Cinematography: Anubhav Singh, Lighting grip: Chanakya Jajoria.

Hair and styling: Nandini Bansal, Tanya Gupta.

Produced by: Karam Vir Singh, Sajeel Kapoor

Art Direction: Anubhav Singh




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Return Of The Heir – Dishant x Sez

DM-Return of the Heir


Delhi based Hip-Hop artist Dishant, A.K.A. DM has just released his brand new single “Return of the Heir”. The track has been produced by Sez from Sapno Ki Nagri. The artwork has been made by Antorip Choudhary.

This is what Dishant had to say when we spoke to him about the track:

“Return of the Heir is a pre mixtape single. I’ve been working on my debut mixtape ‘Different Roads’. It features 8 to 11 songs. Not fixed if all the songs will make the cut. Production phase is 80% over. Beatmakers from all over India like RJV, Rekoil and more and few musician friends from Dwarka itself. Sajeel is executively producing the mixtape. He’s looking over the quality check of the production and the final product.”

You can connect with Dishant on:

Twitter: @dM4A1Raps
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Sapno Ki Nagri VLOG 1


Rapper KeepSake, and Producer Sez, also known as “Sapno Ki Nagri” have released have released their first VLOG. The VLOG comes out with the announcement about launch of their new website sapnokinagri.com. Sez and Keepsake talk about the whole concept behind Sapno Ki Nagri, and the type of music they make, also about their upcoming projects.

Sapno ki Nagri on the web:

Official Website: sapnokinagri.com

Facebook Page: facebook.com/SapnoKiNagri

Twitter: @SapnoKiNagri


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KeepSake X Sez – Sapno Ki Nagri EP

Sapno Ki Nagri - KeepSake x Sez - Cover Art


Sapno Ki Nagri EP is the first project of the duo Sapno Ki Nagri(KeepSake & Sez).The EP consiting 4 songs is unique as every song is related to each other. It’s a story about hope, passion and freedom; freedom to express and explore new dimensions of human mindset.

Track 1: Shuruaat: The track is the start of our main story, it’s about being unique and doing what you love; not caring about anyone. As we believe that we should not be ashamed of ourselves, we should be proud at what we are doing and what we aim to achieve.

Track 2: Sapno Ka Jahan: The track is about journey of the guy(protagonist of this EP) through the realm of his dreams. How that guy strive to bring happiness to his family to himself and to everyone who support him. It’s about not giving up and moving on.

Track 3: Buddhi: This track is about two sides of the mind, one being dark-egoistic and the other being humble. The protagonist has to choose one, it’s basically about being true to yourself. Suppose we achieve all the fame, would we like to fall for the dark side of fame or we should remain humble and try to help everyone who wish to achieve that? This track potrays same image. Obviously, the protagonist is humble haha.

Track 4: Kahanikaar: Again this track is about not giving up. People try to pressurize you, they don’t want you to acheive what you desire to. It’s a whole nexus of these people and the negativity they have but will you give up? is the pressure so much that you’ll throw away your dreams? Nope, you should go for it..break the nexus and be free.


Download Sapno Ki Nagri EP: Click Here


EP Art: PCubeWorks(Panini Pandey).

Content,Vocals, Production, Mixing and Mastering: Sapno Ki Nagri.


Facebook: facebook.com/keepsakeofficialfanpage

Twitter: @IamKeepSake



Facebook: facebook.com/iamsez



Pcube Works
Facebook: facebook.com/PCubeWorks



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Sapno ki Nagri-Kuch Bhi


 Sapno Ki Nagri-Kuch Bhi

KeepSake & Sez, otherwise known as “Sapno Ki Nagri” have dropped yet another track. The track is called “Kuch Bhi”. Track features the trademark Keepsake style of Poetry / Rap, with Sez on the beat. We spoke to Keepsake about the track:

“we wanted to record the first track of prabuddh basically, but then we ended up recording this track which we decided to release on valentines day. but it’s not that much of a love track.we did this track in a time span of 2 hours from production to recording it every thing in 2 hours. we had a lot of recording this, intro and outro were spontaneous. the idea was to make a fun track, little bit different stuff that me sez do together.”


Listen to “Kuch Bhi” here:


KeepSake’s Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage

KeepSake’s Official Twitter Account: @IamKeepSake

Sez’s Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/iamsez


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Sapno Ki Nagri-Pardesiya

Sapno Ki Nagri-Pardesiya


Keepsake & Sez dropped a brand new track called “Pardesiya”. This time, they have released the track under the name of “Sapno Ki Nagri”. The track is a part of their upcoming 4 track EP called “Shuruwaat”. The track has been produced by Sez, and Performed by KeepSake.

This is what KeepSake had to say when we asked him about “Sapno Ki Nagri”
“Sapno ki nagri is a project initiated by myself & Sez. Basically it’s about giving people good music. Letting them know that real music is still alive. ‘Pardesiya’ is the first track of the duo then and then we will release Our 4 track EP ‘Shuruwaat’”

You can listen to “Pardesiya” here:


KeepSake’s Official Facebook Page: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage

KeepSake’s Official Twitter Account: @IamKeepSake

Sez’s Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/iamsez


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