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Ittefaq (99 clips) – It’s Like That

Ittefaq (99 clips) – It’s Like That

Ittefaq Usmani, also known as 99 clips, is here with his latest drop “It’s Like That”. The track has Ittefaq’s trademark Old Skool feel, and flawless delivery and flow. According to Ittefaq, the track is all about representing old skool homies. Here is what Ittefaq had to say about “It’s Like That” :

“A friend passed me the beat some time back , I had lost the touch at that point of time and was not really writing or recording but this beat made me get to work easy and since the old school hip hop is what I represent and like this one had to be a subliminal diss to the new school rap and rappers around who are kind of effin things up for who actually have what it takes , so it’s like that”

Ittefaq on Facebook: facebook.com/spittin.tsunami


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