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The Quixotic & Galileo-Free Fall (feat. Shantha)

It is a great time to be following the underground hip-hop scene in the Asian subcontinent. If you ask “Why ?”, This song is your answer. Quixotic drops the absolute bomb, as he collaborates with Galileo and Shantha. The track is called “Free Fall”

The track has been produced (Composed) by Delhi based composer Galileo, and features vocals on the hook by Shantha. The track has an ambient vibe to it, mellow and smooth, yet so intense. The track has a sound unheard of in the underground as well as mainstream to a great extent. On further projects, The Quixotic & Galileo intent to explore this sub-genre of ‘Ambient Hip Hop’ as they like to call it.

The track tells a deeply metaphorical story, the interpretation of which is left to the listener. Here is what Quix had to say when we asked him about the story behind the track:

I wrote this song a long time ago, minus the spoken word at the end. It’s a very visual metaphor for struggling with your demons, I’m not sure how many people got that.

Mayank (Galileo) and I did this this in 3 hours or so, right before my flight from Delhi to Bombay.

This guy’s a musical genius. Adept at tons of instruments. This is a new sub genre we’re trying to explore, we like to call it Ambient Hip Hop. We’ll be working on a larger project like this one very soon.

In the song, the first verse is the guy contemplating jumping off a rooftop. Whether it is a real one or metaphorical is up to the listener to decide. The second verse is about the flight down. The female voice is the voice inside the protagonist’s  head, which later takes over.

Shantha has worked with Galileo in a separate Jazz project called High (which is extremely dope, by the way). I’ve written her lyrics here, she executed them beyond perfection.

The track is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Quixotic’s soundcloud

Connect with the Artists:

The Quixotic: soundcloud.com/thequixotic

Galileo:   soundcloud.com/mayank_galileo_choudhary


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Hold On, To Love – The N and The Quixotic

Hold On, To Love – The N  x  The Quixotic

The fall of Sunday witnessed a drop from a rather unexpected duo dubbed ‘The Lab’ but interestingly seems that The N and The Quixotic thought to keep it a single collaborative venture into a new soundscape arguably never heard of in at least the Indian rap scenario. The song basically has a highly pimped beat of the track ‘Vistas’ by Tree Ess. Though Hold On, To Love sounds nothing like we have had before.  It’s certainly encouraging to see how The N really is bringing new stuff hidden inside his mind (and maybe his workstation). The track not only has The N spitting after a gap from Prologue, his may release but also brings The Quixotic back from his classic drop Ain’t The End. When asked about the process, N spoke out that the track has taken nowhere beyond 18 hours including everything to be what it is as we listen! Pardon me but this makes me real hyped up for what N’s third EP ‘Amora’ has in store for us.

The track features a somewhat electronic and dusty hook performed by The Quixotic as well as a bar in unbelievably accurate female voice by The N. The lyrics are on point, the beat is unfathomably a break-off from the regular and also, the whistle element at end gives a sweet packaging to the whole feel of the song. All in all, we are eager to check the true potential of this beautifully monstrous duo!

The N:

Facebook: facebook.com/nasirhitammusic
Twitter: @NasirHipHop

The Quixotic:

Facebook: facebook.com/shashwat.t.mishra
Twitter: @TheQuix

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The Quixotic-Ain’t The End


The Quixotic, veteran artist, battle rapper and co-founder of Underground Music League released his new single Ain’t The End on 4th April, 2015.  Artwork by Antorip Works and produced by Sez Productions, the song was scheduled for release last year but ran into some difficulties.
“The vibe of this song is laid back and introspective. It was recorded right before I moved to Mumbai from New Delhi and attempts to capture the mind state of someone transitioning into a new phase of life with equal parts excitement, anticipation and determination” says The Quixotic, who since moving has formed a duo The Lab with Thane Producer-Rapper Nasir (The N), and been a part of B3, India’s Official Rap Battle League since its beginning.
The song crossed over 1000 plays in its first 24 hours and received rave reviews from fans and artists alike. “The Quixotic has proven yet again why he is one of the most versatile rappers from the region.” said Hassan Dozakhi, of internationally acclaimed Multinational Corporations.
The Lab is currently working on its Mixtape “Miles To Go”, the release date for which is yet to be finalized.  We also hear that The N will be deviating musical styles in the tape.

The Quixotic:

Facebook: facebook.com/shashwat.t.mishra

Twitter: @thequix


Facebook: facebook.com/iamsez

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