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MC Heam – “Haar Ke Pal” ft. Charlie Slum

The 6th Release From MC Heam’s Mixtape “Veda Astra” Is Now Available Worldwide Over YouTube. Titled As :Haar Ke Pal” ft. Charlie Slum From Pittsburgh. The Titled Explains It All. Check It Out!

MC Heam On Facebook : www.facebook.com/iamheam
Charlie Slum On Facebook : www.facebook.com/CharlieSlum412

FREE Audio Download Link : http://hu.lk/vh9hnbid54z0

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MC Heam – “GanJa Trip [GanJ Yatra] ft. Zan (2-Shadez)

“GanJa Trip” [GanJ Yatra] Is MC Heam’s 5th Release From His Mixtape “Veda Astra”. The Track Is Produced By Anno Domini Beats & Is Featuring Zan [2-Shades] On The Second Verse. Track Is Dedicated To All The “GanJedi People” Like MC Heam Said While Releasing It.
[Note] :
Track Is Recorded , Mixed & Mastered At The Emcee Dappear Studios.
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MC Heam – Ram ka Kalyug

MC Heam drops another single off his upcoming mixtape “Veda Astra”. The new track is called “Ram Ka Kalyug”, which is produced by “Life and Death productions”. MC Heam keeps surprising by showing his lyrical power with each and every new drop. In this track he talks about how life is changing and people are becoming selfish and have started to care about materialistic things rather than the things that should actually be valued.
He relates this to a quote by Lord Ram, and terms today’s life as “Ram Ka Kalyug”

Join MC Heam on Facebook : facebook.com/iamheam

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