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Desi Rappers: You Don’t Do That Shit

Video: Desi Rappers: Don’t Do That Shit.

Presenter: J.Style

Concept: GhettoBoii

GhettoBoii in a Collaboration with J.Style talking about “Shit Some Desi Rappers Do”. Describing the situation of desi guys who use “Rapper” as a surname, in a comic, hilarious video.
First video from the upcoming series. Rate, Comment, Share & Subscribe.

If We Get Positive Feed Back, We Will Continue Making Videos.


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Pakman – “Deep In You” ft. Deep Cold & GhettoBoii Saini

Pakman ‘Da Desi Rapper’ drops “Deep In You” ft. Deep Cold & GhettoBoii Saini. Warning, this Indo-Pak Collaboration on PP Entertainment & GhettoBoiiMusic Records is Hot!

Pakman on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/Pakman4U

Deep Cold on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/DeepCold

GhettoBoii Saini on Facebook : http://www.Facebook.com/iamGhettoBoii

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DJ Danny – “Punjabi Kuriye” ft. Young Saini

One More Time For The Ladies Like Young Saini Said, Check Out DJ Danny’s Brand New Collaboration ft. Young Saini In “Punjabi Kuriye”. Trust Me, You Can’t Afford To Miss This. Stream & Spread.

DJ Danny On Facebook : Click Here
Young Saini On Facebook : Click Here

To Download The Track : Click Here

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Young Saini – “Haseena” Ft. Shetan “Hindi Rap King

[Valentines Special] : Young Saini’s “Haseena” Ft. Shetan “Hindi Rap King” Is Now Available To Stream & Download. It Is The Second Track From Young Saini’s Mixtape “It Ain’t Over Yet”.
Young Saini On Facebook : www.facebook.com/YoungSaini
Shetan On Facebook : www.facebook.com/AsliShetan
Download The Track Here : http://hu.lk/v1176z8i3vs9
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