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Saahir-Mere Hisse de Qisse

Saahir Mere Hisse De Qisse

Mohali based rapper Saahir releases his mixtape “Mere Hisse de Qisse”

A poet since 2007, Saahir started getting interested in RAP in 2009 and that’s when the learning phase began.He first performed on stage as a rapper in 2010 and since then, he hasn’t looked back. since 2011, he has released over a dozen tracks all over the internet and today he released his first mixtape which consists of 12 tracks of which 7 are produced by debutants Bally Singh, Sukh Dhami(Canada) and Amolak Riar. Professional punjabi singers Rabia Sagoo(Canada),
AmoPreet and Padam Singh are also a part of the tape along with non-commercial ones- Sarthak, Nakul and Ishan.

The best of rappers from across the nation are featured on the tape- KeepSake, Youngsta Ash, SandhWho and Viper-X.

As the title suggests, most of the tracks are stories from Saahir’s own life while a few are about the observations of the problems and evils of the society which the artiste strongly feels about! The tape has a variety of tracks ranging from social messages to heartbreak, from childhood bullying to wholesome entertainment!

A couple of video tracks from the mixtape have already been released on youtube as promotional tracks!

This tape is almost 3 years of hardwork!

Download The Mixtape Here: Click to Download

Saahir On Facebook: facebook.com/saahirbanwait

                        Youtube: youtube.com/Saahir172

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Aares,Youngsta Ash,Pkayy-Split Mentality| PSP Rap Cypher


Purple Sparks Production brings you a Brand New Cypher “Split Mentality” Written & Performed by Youngsta Ash, Aares & Pkayy From Psp Crew. Its a mix of Hindi / English rap verses, with Aares spittin bars in hindi, and Youngsta Ash spitting in english. The beat as well as the video has been produced by Prakash “Pkayy” Tiwari.
Music: Prakarsh “Pkayy” Tewari.
Verse 1: Aares
Verse 2: Youngsta Ash
Lyrics : Aares , Youngsta Ash
Directed By: Prakarsh “Pkayy” Tewari
Video Edits: Prakarsh & Youngsta Ash
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KeepSake x Sez Ft. Youngsta Ash – Umeed


Delhi based Hindi rapper KeepSake drops the new single off his mixtape “Prabuddh”. The track is called “Umeed”. It features Sez on the production and Youngsta Ash on the track. “Prabuddh” is set to release later this year.

This track is a very mellow piece which contains soft laid back beats with a lil’ desi influence of tabla as well. Keepsake plays the role of a normal guy who’s perplexed still trying to make it big in the music that he’s pursuing. Youngsta plays the role of Keepsake’s conscience who tells him to not forget his roots and the people who helped him become what he is in the trail of becoming a musician.

KeepSake is definitely an Emcee to watch out for 2014. He has been impressive consistently with his unique lyricism and flows.

Listen to “Umeed” Here:


KeepSake: facebook.com/KeepSakeOfficialFanPage
Sez: facebook.com/iamsez
Youngsta Ash: facebook.com/Youngsta.Ash.Official.Page



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Youngsta Ash – “Doing Good”


Youngsta Ash – “Doing Good”

Youngsta Ash drops his new track called “Doing Good”. The track has a very smooth laid back flow. It has been mixed n mastered by Kashkick studios. Youngsta Ash is one of the few promising underground artists in the scene. his is a commercial kinda’ track which has a catchy hook but remains to hold the content of a good underground track as well. It has a smooth and laid back flow, combined with underground styled lyricism & complexity.


Youngsta Ash’s Facebook Fanpage: facebook.com/Youngsta.Ash.Official.Page

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“Rewind” – Youngsta Ash feat. Enkore


Youngsta Ash dropped a new single which Features Enkore of Mumbai’s Rap Crew/Duo Munky Rhymz.
Song is titled “Rewind”.It has got Ash on the first ver and  Enkore on the 2nd, on the beat of the Original track by Devlin from U.K. It was mixed and mastered by Ravi Mishra of Kashkick Productions from Delhi and has the lyric video done by Mad.D a.k.a Dev Pawar from Mumbai.The track’s lyrical content basically tells about the times that people think about their past and feel down or low about what they could have been or could have done.But at the same time is celebrates the feeling of pride is being the way one really is and in being happy with what one has got.
Youngsta Ash on Facebook:
Enkore on Facebook:
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Youngsta Ash: Dead Presidents

Youngsta Ash: Dead Presidents

Yash Chandra,a.k.a. Youngsta Ash just released a new single titled “Dead Presidents”. It has Two verses by Ash on the instrumental of the Original track by Jay-Z. The track has been mixed and mastered by Ravi Mishra of Kashkick Productions from Delhi and has the lyrics video done by Mad.D a.k.a Dev Pawar from Mumbai.

This is what Ash had to say when asked about the track:
“The track mainly contains flex-centric lyrics.As a prodigy from the indian underground the main motto of creating this song was to make a mark for myself as a respectable lyricist so this song has a lot of double ententes word plays, metaphors and punches as I’ve explored different dimensions of different topics but did not have a straight up lyrical track with the elements as mentioned above. I’ve been a great fan of Jay-Z and even a greater fan of his original track DEAD PRESIDENTS.The beat was perfect for me to deliver strong lyricism so I chose.”

Youngsta Ash on: 


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