Text-A-Mania : The Final Battle

Text-A-Mania,the text battling tournament by Desi Rapper Show and Insignia Rap Combats reaches to its finals.
the two finalists being Ittefaq,and D’Brassic.
these two battlers don’t really need any introduction,as they are known names on various text battling communities,and are the “Top Dawgs” of insignia.
Rules for final Battle :





check out their final battle :

D’Brassic’s Spit :


*ittefaq – ITTE- F.A.Q – *when you say filling this guy – means, fill with bullets also

*charges godown – godown means silo, and go..down.

*ittefaq got his other name too – 99clips

*ittefaq got a fetish for granny porn


my bars aint welcoming ya, cuz all I do is “bounce on dumb whacks”/
so aint talking about insignia mixtape, when Ill “put you down on them tracks”//

bust ya feeble worries, shout for help? naa cuz beeper’s buried/
soon, will be “filling this F.A.Q” like “answering people’s queries”//

gardener who cuts this slime bud, a reminder, its empty, yo rhyme-hub
and like “watches above your head”, fucka, yo “time’s up”//

connections are phat with tighter nexus, ma fighter text-is known to tame any win/
hez the reason why every biter exists, all they claim, it was him//(ittefaq=coincidence)

m mellow with silly fellows, yo charges “go-down” like “silo fee”/
now hoe, see/dumbs like ya wont get my punches, if there was no F.A.Q always “below me”//

ya face is a mace to human race, I got the mall, while ya at the corner shop, stinking like tanneries/
messing me? aww, 99clips could not “Call the shots” even if he “phoned from armouries”//

guy runs a cyber cafe with old desktops bought at half-rate price off/
technology illiterate wont get a “lap-top” when I “skin his thighs off”//

heavy concepts, gone make ya “land-head-first” like you just had a b’day once more/
like getting “magazines emptied”, my bars will leave “99 clips all over the floor”//

he aint deadly tho ittefaq’s known to put “people to sleep” like “bored-fighters”/
cuz yo bars wont “drive anyone crazy” even if u got “mental-taxi-drivers”//

my parody cause maladies, would stretch ya ass across the galaxies/pure whack, this guy had to be/
cuz “thoughts inside his head are outdated” like “granny fantasies”//

Ittefaq’s Spit :
ashwini decieded 2 rap and fell in2 D cupped bras~ the feeling makes him feel sick!
he doesnt even need a cypher he looks in2 the mirror and feels like he’s being flipped!!


quit doin em audios man , even donald duck thinks he can rap now!
u’d geh smashed by better audios ~ even if u performed in front of a wack crowd!!

he geh’s so complex when he spits , its like his brain actually consists a big clit!
fukk he’s so much in 2 complexity now, he can barely understand his own shit/spit!!

fukk ridin on beats ,u’d fall off even if u’d be ridin on a dick-man!
shit i pull out early~personal tricks on u as if i was the milk man!!

i spin u around like doosras/dosas, call me harbhajan/murlitharan!
& the way u stick 2 being wack ur vocals/fans will only match with~ nadeem sravan’s!!

its like u got a soap in ur tummy, the way ur spit ends up with em bubbles!
i make u fall in love wid rock again and then beat u down 2 rubbles!!

the amount of dick riders he got , i bet his dick/creativity- hurts!
bitch ur so over rated , ur fakeness makes ppl yawn till their jaws hurt!!

bitch ur heat wont last even if u rapped ur self in a silver foil!
shit ur mouth wouldnt geh productive even if u filled it with fertile soil!!

call me ur wrist watch ~the way i make ur time go bad!
when ur in a fight i keep em hands locked~ so the enimes would attack!!

ur just a soda water wearin the insignia crown/clown!
fukk knuckles , all i need is a bottle opener 2 take u down!!!


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