The B.T.O

Desi Rapper Show welcomes its newest member,The Rap & HipHop Group B.T.O.

Well,Yall Already Heard from D’Brassic,Now Here it from His Crew also.

B.T.O. will be droppin some real DOPE Shit over here !!!

So Yall better watch out.

What is B.T.O. ?

B.T.O stands for Big Time Operators.It is made up of Emenjay, Big Kronik and D’ Brassic.

Emenjay : His name is Manoj and he is a resident of Ludhiana. He got into rap from an early age and has been developing his style in the last 4 years. His career has started looking up in his area with offers of doing parts in punjabi songs for albums/movies.

Big Kronik969 : He stays in pune for now. He got into rap about an year ago and has since been recording tracks. He is also interested in writing and has written scripts for short films. He shoots them with his friends.

D’ Brassic : Native of Uttaranchal. Studying law right now and recording tracks in between. Staying in Kolkata right now.All three crew members had met online in an online rap battle forum from where their friendship developed and they decided to form a crew. From there was no looking back and since a mixtape has been released featuring 9 tracks. Emenjay and Kronik have plans of releasing two more mixtapes in the month of November-December

YOu can visit ’em at soundclick

D’ Brassic :

The EmenJay :

Big KroniK :

And in case you have a doubt,check out the latest from The EmenJay

Thye track is called “Assin Haan Punjabi”.

Emenjay Representin the roots,Desi HipHop,Listennnnn !!!!

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