The “Shades” of Life

2Shades(Zan and Slyck),along with Bohemia and J-Hind

2-Shades is all bout these two guys who are way different from each other, We got different backgrounds different lifestyles Slyck is the Light Shade,Who ain’t been thrugh much of the roughness in life but is still in love with rap.Sharpend his skills by writing diss tracks to people who thought his love and sincerity for Rap was wack !

Where as Zan is the Dark Shade,Who has been living life on the bumpy road.Being Multi Etinical. half Sudanese half Indian it was hard for Zan tu fit in the Indian society.but he made his way thrugh seeing Dark nights to bright days.Rapping since he stepped in sixth grade.wasn’t much of a bright student in school.Always would write down lyrics on the back of his notebook.Listenin to Eminem, 2 pac, Z-Ro..So without letting it get out of track he picked his hobby and now is chasing it B.I.G!

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