They “Rhyme For Reason” : Do you ?

Let me introduce to one of the biggest and the finest desi hip hop group on orkut,RFR.

RFR stands for “Rhyme For Reason”.It has artists from both India and Pakistan,making it an example of unity.We are proud to feature RFR on our blog.

So here’s a brief intro ’bout RFR.

RFR was formed initially by Shaf-E,an upcoming(then,now he’s a known name) Desi Underground Artist.It all started an year back when Shaf-E made the jump from text battles to audios. Rapping about gangster thing wasn’t quite him, although he started off with dropping some audios about guns, hoes, and money. Then he thought about forming a crew where he could polish young talent and help them turn into pros.

He was mixing a track for an MC named “Muneeb Rasool” who was leading a crew called “Elites of Destruction” (EOD), when he noticed muneeb was new to the game and he asked him to join his crew which he had named “The Crew”, But the creative mind of Muneeb came up with “Rhyme For Reason” and that’s how it came into being. Muneeb Rasool was the first one to join Shaf,but then he vanished like a wizard in no time, got busy with his studies and Shaf was left on his own. For once he thought about quitting the crew thing but he just couldn’t because of the love he had for the young talent, He couldn’t just see it go waste. So, He re-started text battling career in “Insignia” won a few battles there and when he earned enough respect there. He introduced his crew, with everyone jumping in, it was a hard choice for him to select the one’s worth it.

He wasn’t in search of great skills but in search of raw skills who love the game. And that’s how Shahal, Speed Ice, Anmol, That Dude AJ, and Sarthak became a part of the family. D`Brassic a law student and a rapper impressed him with his text battling skills, and he’s a great help to the family as an outside support. But that wasn’t it, a young rhymer from Desi Rappers (community) came up with a song called “Warrior” the guys name was Hassan he’s only 16 but his skills and love for the game was unmatched, Shaf took him in too and now he’s part of the family. There’s more to mention Dj Danny the official DJ holds awesome skills with “Mixing Tracks” and adding “Adlibs” and spitting hot on any beat, Miss Roxy,the official Beat Producer and Usama aka Grim Rat a great MC are also part of the family.

Thinking that only intro is big,well.believe the hype.

Don’t keep any doubt in mind,Check out some of the soundtrax:

>The RFR Crew Soundclick page :

>” WE ARE “( This is what you call professional…)

>DJ Danny Soundclick page :

>”Shadow(Me Against Myself)”

DJ Danny(Rapid)

>” I need a hater(RFR Crew) “


>Shahal’s Soundclick page :

>”Soulja Girl”

Miz Roxy(She is truely souljah Girl…)

>Roxy’s soundclick page :

If you want more of the RFR Crew,and all the other Desi Underground Hip Hop Artists, Keep visitin DesiRapperShow.

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Chillout with this one !!!

One Love,Peace.

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