Underground to Industry : Honey Singh Presents Raftaar

There’s a huge scene of hiphop in the underground,but desi hip hop is hardly to be seen in the music industry.
But now even the music industry is taking interest in this brand new genre of music,so now there are brand new opportunities for young desi rap artists to step up.One such artist is “Raftaar”.Raftaar has been creating a buzz in the underground desi rap scene since quite a long time,and now,He has been signed by Honey Singh to his latest creation “Mafia Mundeer”

Raftaar represents real street life of India.No Guns,drugs and Gangsta things,but what really happens in the streets of India,and what a Young Desi has to go through in his life.Raftaar represents the real face of desiness.

And if y’all still doubt what the Kid is all about,just check out the video,of his debut single,and u won’t be left with any doubt in your mind.

and don’t forget to drop in your comments and feedbacks.

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Underground to Industry : Honey Singh Presents Raftaar, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating