We Flowin [DRS Jam Sessions]

DRS Jam Sessions returns with a brand new episode. This time its Enkore. Enkore becomes first rapper ever, out of mumbai, to be featured on an episode of DRS Jam Sessions. Enkore collaborates with Nottotune of Kru172 from Chandigarh. The beat is produced by one of the best hip-hop producers outta Delhi, SEZ from Sapno Ki Nagri. This is also the first time that artists from 3 different parts of the country came together. Check this brand new episode out, as Sez, Enkore & Nottotune create magic.



Facebook :facebook.com/thisisenkore
Twitter: @thisisenkore
Website: http://www.thisisenkore.com



Facebook: facebook.com/kru172
Twitter: @nottotune
Website: http://www.kru172.com



Facebook: facebook.com/iamsez


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